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Second Grade Happenings 


May 24 - 31 

Google Classroom code: 6etnjvy



Math:  Topic 10 Adding 3 digit numbers 

Homework will be given daily.  


Language Arts : We are reading the story : Carl the Complainer 


Spelling: unsafe, preheat, rerun, disapper, unlock, discolor, rewind, unpack, unplug, regroup, preschool, disagree 



Reading Log:   Read for 20 minutes every  night. Write it on your Reading Log. Turn in the log on Friday for full credit. 


 Vocabulary: annnoy, complain, mumbles, P.M., shrugs, signature


Social Studies; We are talking about Ecosystems and the Environment 


Science: We are talking about Animals and their Habitiats. 



Marking Period 4  Special Classes: 

Monday: Spanish

Tuesday:  PE ( wear your sneakers)

Wednesday: Music

Thursday:  Music 

Friday:  Spanish 

Remote Learning Links

 ( your child has their password taped to the inside ot their HW folder) 

(password: hamburg1)   

Class Code: 5BLJ47

Click on your child's name

Password: 1234 

The current assignment will pop up. Click on the assigned story 











Homework will be assigned daily. Check your child's folder and agenda daily.