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 Language Arts


Unit 4 Week 1 "Mama's Birthday Present"

Words with the long /a/ spelled /ai/ and /ay/ 

Spelling Words: train, way, tail, play, day, may, rain, gray, mail, afraid

High Frequency Words: about, would, give, surprise, enjoy, worry 

Write your words in your spelling journal and practice daily





 Helpful Practice Websites









Mrs. Cullen


First Grade 2019 - 20




  • First Grade is a challenging year.  Children start to become more independent, friendships take on new forms and the work gets more challenging.  In first grade we really focus on responsibility.  Please encourage your child to take care of him/herself.




  • Academics: Our reading series, Reading Street, and our math series, Envision Math, have both been well received by the students and provide consistency of skills through the primary grades.  Both Reading Street and Envision Math offer some wonderful visual, audio and online components.
  • We are excited to introduce our new Phonics program, Fundations to assist students with their phonemic awareness.




  • Homework Folder: Please be aware that your student has a “homework” folder that will come home nightly.  Currently, that folder has been used to send home important beginning of the year information and should be checked nightly.  We will ease into homework assignments slowly and papers that are to be completed for homework will be marked as homework assignments.  Most of the time the work requires a parent to work with their child to ensure understanding.  Please set aside a little one-to-one time with your child to go over homework.



  • Specials: Monday: Gym & French; Tuesday: STEAM & Art ;  Wednesday:  Gym;  Thursday: French & Computers;  Friday: Music & Library




  • Lunch: If your child is planning on buying lunch and they have not purchased a lunch ticket, please be sure to send in their lunch money in a marked envelope or plastic bag with their name on it.  If your child has allergies, please contact Mrs. Bifano in the cafeteria to discuss specific foods your child may have allergies to.
  • Snack: WE ARE A PEANUT FREE CLASSROOM.  We have snack every day in the morning.   Please provide a healthy snack for your child and I recommend packing it separately from their lunch.






  • Homework Website: This is a valuable tool for you to use at home to find out about events or homework assignments for our class.  It can be accessed from the Hamburg website  Click on school staff, and then click on my name.




  • Parent Responsibilities: In first grade we do a lot of reading.  It is critical that your child spend at least 15 minutes every night with a book.  At first this could be you reading to them.  Then they will start to “tell” you the story based on the pictures and recognize some words.  Very soon they will begin to bring home books that they can read.  They will also learn many sight words; words that are used in most writing and everyday conversation.  Also, practice math facts to 20 with your child.




  • Illness: If your child is not feeling well, please be sure to call the school attendance line.  Also, please be considerate of the rest of the class, we want everyone to stay healthy.




  • Contact information:  I can be reached via phone or e-mail here at school.  Phone 827-7570 Ex 411 or  Please be aware that e-mail is the fastest and easiest way to contact me.  If I have any questions or concerns I will contact you. 




  • Remember We are a Peanut Free Classroom.  Provide a snack that is peanut free for your child's snack time.  For class parties (Birthday and Holiday) food items are no longer allowed because of multiple student food allergies.  If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday in school, please consider sending in a favorite book or DVD to be shared with the class.  The cafeteria also offers snack coupons if you want to purchase snacks for the class.