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November 30, 2023



VIP -  Leena









Daily Specials:


Monday - Gym (sneakers)

Tuesday - Library

Wednesday - Music

Thursday - Gym (sneakers), Spanish

Friday - Art


Scholastic Book orders class code: KG2HK
Check your student's homework folder daily




Reading Log - sign and return on Fridays 




Language Arts


 Module 3 Week 1

Words with consonant blend endings

Spelling words: sing, stand, sank, stamp, hunt, camp, bring, long, next, pond, end, drink

Spelling Homework due 12/1/23




























Mrs. Cullen

Second Grade 2023-24





  • Academics: This is the third year for our reading series Into Reading.  Our math series, Envision Math, has been well received by the students and provides consistency of skills through the primary grades.  Both Into Reading and Envision Math offer some wonderful visual, audio and online components.
  • Second Grade will continue with the Fundations Phonics Program to strengthen their phonemic awareness
  • TCI supports our Social Studies and Science curriculum




  • Homework Folder: Please be aware that your student has a “homework” folder that will come home daily
  • Agendas: We are using an agenda in Second Grade.  We are still learning to write assignments in our agendas.  



  • Specials: Monday: Gym; Tuesday: Library;  Wednesday:  Music ;  Thursday: Gym, Spanish;  Friday: Art




  • Lunch: If your child is planning on purchasing lunch, please see the Hamburg Website for information on payment and meals.
  • Snack: WE ARE A PEANUT FREE CLASSROOM.  We have snack every day in the afternoon  Please provide a healthy snack for your child.






  • Homework Website: This is a valuable tool for you to use at home to find out about events or homework assignments for our class.  It can be accessed from the Hamburg website  Click on school staff, and then click on my name.




  • Parent Responsibilities: Make sure your child is prepared for school daily.




  • Illness: If your child is not feeling well, please be sure to call the school attendance line.  Also, please be considerate of the rest of the class, we want everyone to stay healthy.




  • Contact information:  I can be reached via phone or e-mail here at school.    [email protected]  Please be aware that e-mail is the fastest and easiest way to contact me.  If I have any questions or concerns I will contact you. 




  • Remember We are a Peanut Free Classroom.  Provide a snack that is peanut free for your child's snack time.  For class parties (Birthday and Holiday) food items are no longer allowed because of multiple student food allergies.  If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday in school, please consider sending in goodie bags, or a favorite book  to share.