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Mrs. Christiansen’s Course Syllabus

Science, Grades 6-8

2019 - 2020





Science is a way of gathering and organizing information about the natural world and universe.  Students in grade six start with an earth science curriculum. Grade seven students learn about life science.  In grade eight, students not only prepare for the NJ Student Learning Assessment for Science, but also concentrate on physical science.


Student Responsibilities:

Be prepared for class by bringing your science textbook, science folder, pencils, highlighter, agenda book, and assignments.  Students who are missing the proper materials are not fully prepared and risk losing credit.  


Follow the school-wide rules as set forth in the Hamburg Public School Behavioral Code.  A consequence may result if a student is consistently reminded to abide by these rules. 



Students are evaluated in the following categories:

°  Tests and Projects 35%

°  Class work and Preparation 15%

°  Quizzes 30%

°  Homework 20% 



Assignments must be completed and submitted at the beginning of class on the due date.  No credit is given for partial or late assignments. Students who are absent are permitted one additional day for each day absent.


Contact Information:

Agenda book

Parent conferences

Telephone conferences, ext. 409