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This is the online textbook series that is being used by our 5th through 8th grade students.  









All writing assignments will be completed using a Google doc and will be moved to the students History Folder for grading.  In an effort to go paperless, most in class resources being used to supplement the curriculum can be accessed via classroom. Classroom can be accessed via a student google account.  This will help eliminate lost/missed assignments.    






Students will not be receiving a hardcopy textbook (unless one is needed for home use) since we are using the Chromebooks during in class instruction. Textbooks will remain in the classroom that students can access at any time. Chapter Online Assessments can be accessed using the link below.


 To Access the Online Textbook/Online Assessments  Use Main Menu Bar on the Right.



Username is your childs first name and last name initial. 

Password is Hamburg (only capital H) followed by your child's month and day of their birthday.  For example: Hamburg 0914.  Remember that there are no spces between Hamburg and the birthdate.  If they forgot how to login, they can email me and I will send it to them.






Our Fifth Graders will be studying America's Past.  Topics to be covered include:


Geography of the United States

American Indian Cultural Regions

European Exploration to the New World

Early English Settlements

Declaration of Independence

American Revolution

The Constitution

The Bill of Rights

Manifest Destiny

Causes of the Civil War

The Civil War



Our Sixth graders will be studying the civilizations of the world from Ancient Times to the Medieval Period. Topics to be covered include:


People of the Stone Age
People of the Fertile Crescent
Ancient India
Ancient China
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome


At the end of the year, our 6th graders will be competing in a mock ancient Greek Olympics.


Our Seventh graders will be studying the Medieval Period to European Exploration. Topics to be covered include:

Europe during Medieval Times
The Rise of Islam
The Cultures and Kingdoms of West Africa
Imperial China
Civilizations of the Americas
Europe's Renaissance and Reformation
Europe enters the Modern Age


At the end of the year, our 7th graders will be hosting an authentic Renaissance Faire for the enjoyment of our elementary students.


Our Eighth graders will begin their studies with Early America and end with a unit on the Holocaust. Topics to be covered include:

The First Americans
Colonization and Settlement
Revolution and the New Nation
Expansion and Reform
Civil War and Reconstruction
The Holocaust



Throughout the year, students will be involved in hands on and interesting projects. The projects are designed to not only broaden student knowledge of History, but to expand their library/research and technology skills.



Homework Policy
When students are given homework, it is for the purpose of finishing the current day's lesson, to reinforce what had been learned or to serve as an introduction for the next day's lesson. Students are expected to record their homework assignments in their assignment pad. 


All tests and quizzes will be sent home for a parent/guardian signature and returned to me. This will be counted as a homework grade.


Grading Policy

Homework                               10%
Classwork /Class Participatiion   15% 

Online Assessments                  15%  Projects / IXL's                         15%

Quizzes                                    20%
Tests                                        25%



Missed assignments must be made up the day after it was assigned or a zero will be given. For long-term assignments, students receive a half grade lower on the assignment for each day it is late.


Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or by calling 973-827-7570 ext. 422.


Please be aware that the fastest way to reach me is by email.