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 Welcome to fourth grade!  Even though times are a little crazy, we are going to have a great year.  We have a fantastic class!  


Please look at your child's planner every evening.  There is usually math and language arts homework Monday through Thursday.  Occasionally students will need study time on the weekend.  


Fourth grade is a tremendous growing year.  Fourth graders grow more and more independent as the year progresses and they become ready to move towards middle school.  You can help your child by ensuring that they have a quiet place to work at home and making sure they come to school rested and prepared each day.  It is helpful to foster independence as much as possible at this age.  Students should complete homework independently, but please check it over with them when they finish.  It is absolutely okay to help them if they need it.


The best way to contact me is email  You may also call 973-827-7570 and leave a message at extension #436.  Please feel free to reach out anytime you have a question or concern.