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What's Happening in 3rd Grade?






Check Mrs. Colyer's website, Hamburg School's webpage and individual student planner under current date for more information!


No More HW

However, we encourage students to practice and commit their multiplication facts to memory. We play games and have contests. They will be verbally asked and shown a multiplication card. Students must be able to answer it quickly to move to next level.

Please ask them which fact they should be focusing on. 





They more they read, the more words they will know, the more fluent they will become!


Kids A-Z Login Instructions

Step 1: Go to ""

Step 2: Enter or choose the teacher's username, "SuzanneWilliamson" (There is no space between my first and last name.)

Step 3: Your child finds their username (first name) on the class chart and clicks on it.

Step 4: Your child enters their password "Hamburg" and click on it