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 2nd Grade Spelling & Vocabulary List 

The Twin Club




Test date - Thursday, 9-19-19

Hard copy packet went home - 9-13-19


1.  drum

2.  dust 

3.  chop

4.  rock

5.  job

6.  desk

7. mess

8.  rib

9. list

10.  sack

11.  tag

12.  sad


Vocabulary Words and more.

Students do not have to know how to spell these vocabulary words. They must be able to recognize, read, identify and know the meanings.


country, someone, beautiful, friend, front, somewhere


Amazing Word List

We will be learning and reading these words in the story. Please practice reading them and know the meaning of each word. 


investigate, urban, perch, muttered, rural,

founders, unanimous



* Student will be expected to create and write two complete detailed sentences using any two spelling words listed above.              

* Remember to use correct capitalization and punctuation.   

* Students will be responsible to spell the words above and memorize the definition of the words.


A copy of this list can be found on my school web page

* Go to "" 

* Click on “parents” 

* Click on “staff directory”. 

* Click on my name “Mrs.Williamson”. 

* Click near the bottom left – “Spelling & Vocabulary Word Lists”