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Fall is coming! I spy the leaves are starting to change!





 It's to nice to be able to see your children in person. We understand that transitioning into the classroom is sometimes challenging. Please email and let know if you have any questions or concerns. 


Mrs. Suzanne Williamson





Oh no, I can't remember what's for homework!

No problem, please read below.


4th Graders

1. Guide your child to get out planner and go to the current date (There should be a tab sticking out of book.)


2. Check home folder 


3. Check Mrs Titus' website


4. Email Mrs. Williamson or Mrs. Titus




5th Graders 

1. Open Trapper Keeper (big binder)


2. Guide your child open planner and go to the current date. (There should be a tab sticking out of book.)


3. Check the individual subject's folder. (Math, LA, Vocabulary, History, Health and etc) They are all labeled and all stored in Trapper Keeper.  Students have been instructed to store all work inside the individual subject's folder. Homework should NOT be stored in the home folder. Once homework is completed, it should be returned to that individual subject's folder. 


4. Check the subject teacher's website or email that teacher. 

Homeroom Teacher -

LA -

Math -

History -

Science -

World Language -