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French program at Hamburg school strives to do the following:


  • teach the World Language for the purpose of communication;
  •  increase the cultural awareness of students;
  •  make connections through World Language to other disciplines


All language instruction follows the guidelines set forth in the New Jersey Curriculum Content Standards for World Language.



       Student responsibilities:

  • to be prepared for class,
  • follow class rules,
  • Participate!



  • Tests = 20%
  • Quizzes = 20% ***these can be unannounced
  • Participation = 30%

 Students will be given a grade based on their performance in class.  They will be graded on how often they raise their hands to answer questions, whether or not they follow instructions, if they do listen and repeat, if they are prepared with all necessary materials, and if they volunteer. Students must push themselves to speak as often as possible, because writing, reading, and listening are not enough to successfully learn a foreign language.

  • Homework = 10%
  • Projects=20%


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Please check out my web resources. There are some really good activities that are educational and fun and help reinforce the vocabulary at home.