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 May 17, 2019




Hope you love your child's "Creative Work of Art" that they completed today using recycable items!  They were so excited to show you!!!


The All About Me Posters have adorned our classroom for the past few weeks.  This week the students will be presenting their posters to the class.  The children look forward to speaking about themselves and answering some questions about their posters.


The students were so excited about presenting their Clues for the I00 Day Items.  They had lots of laughs and lots of fun!  On their desks, the children grouped their items into 10 tens and counted by 10 to 100.   Also, they all loved their Valentines' Day cards and Candy Grams too!  Parents, thank you for making these special times 

possible for the children!  


Special thanks to our Class Mom, Mrs. Alvarez for organizing our Holiday Celebration.  It was a tremendous success! Also, thanks to Mrs. Alvarez's mom, Mrs. Christy and Mrs. Ramos for their help with the children and their activities.  It was also so nice to have the Haidar family and Mr. Petreins visit with us during the party.  The children were so excited, and they loved every fun-filled activity.  Thank you to all the parents who contributed to the party.  It was very much appreciated. 


Our new Interim Chief School Administer, Mr. Mario Cardinale started his first day at Hamburg School on Monday, Dec. 3rd!  He made sure to greet all the children, faculty and staff.  We all look forward to getting to know Mr. Cardinale. :)  


  Kate Alvarez is our Class Mom!   She is organizing our Holiday Celebration which will be on Thursday, Dec. 20th from 2:00-2:45 P. M.  Your child will have a flyer today from Mrs. Alvarez stating what is needed for the party.   Please check-it-out for the details.  Thank you in advance for any assistance you can



Just a reminder, please make sure you separate your child's snack from his/her lunch bag. 

The children place their lunch bags in their homeroom basket that is in the cafeteria 

each morning.   With you placing the snack in a separate bag, your child will not have to go back down to the cafeteria to get his/her lunch bag for snack.  In advance, thank you for your cooperation.   It is much appreciated!


Today, the students received their Activity Calendar for September as per our conversation at Back to School Night.

Also, their is an informative note attached that will help you better understand how this optional at-home activity works.  Please if you have any concerns or questions, call me at 973-827-7570 ext. 424 or email me.




Reading Story-"Where Are My Animal Friends?"

Spelling Words:  Words with -er, -est:  faster, fastest, taller, tallest, shorter, shortest, sadder, saddest, bigger, biggest, good-bye, before

High Frequency Words:  does, good-bye, before, won't, oh, right

Spelling Test-U3W6-Wednesday, May 22, 2019






Lang. Arts

Spelling Menu-Due on Wed. May, 21st




Monday-Gym, Library

Tuesday-French, STEAM


Thursday-Art, Character Ed., French





Great Websites:






First Grade- 2018-2019



First grade is absolutely wonderful year!  Friendships take on new forms and the work is more challenging.  Children will apply new word strategies and become better readers.  In first grade, we continue to focus on the importance of responsibility, cooperation, independence, and respect for others.  This will be an exciting and fun-filled year of growth for your child.  


Academics:  Our reading series, Reading Street, and our math series, Envision Math have both been well received by the students and provide consistency of skills through the primary grades.  Both Reading Street and Envision Math offer some wonderful visual, audio, and online components.


Homework Folder:  Currently, the homework folder is used to send home important information from the office, teacher notices, and PTA updates.  I will ease into homework assignments.  Each homework assignment will be marked with a HW.  Set aside some time for a one-on-one with your child to go over the homework.


Specials:  Monday-Gym and Library; Tuesday-French and STEAM; Wednesday-Gym; Thursday-Art, Character Ed., and French; Friday-Computers and Music


Snack:  Snack time is in the morning.  The children are quite hungry at this time and eager to have snack.  Please be sure to send in a healthy snack each day with your child.


Lunch:  If your child is planning on buying lunch and they have not purchased a lunch ticket, please be sure to send in their lunch money in a marked envelope or plastic bag with their name on it.  If your child has allergies, please contact Mrs. Bifano in the cafeteria to discuss specific foods your child can not eat.


Homework:  This is a valuable tool for you to use at home to find out about happenings and homework assignments for our class.  It can be accessed from the Hamburg website  Click on School Staff, and then, click on my name.


Student Responsibilities:  Listen attentively, follow directions, and obey the rules.  Make good use of time and stay on task.  Work neatly and demonstrate good effort.  Respect the rights, feelings, and property of others.  Make good choices.


Parent Responsibilities:  In first grade, we do a lot of reading.  It is critical that your child spend at least 15 minutes every night with a book.  At first, this could simply be you reading to your child.  Then, each child may want to tell you the story based on the pictures and familiar words.  Very soon, your child will begin to bring home books that he/she can read.  They will also learn many sight words which are words that are used in most writing and everyday conversation.  These words can be practiced by making flashcards.


Illness:  If your child is not feeling well and will stay home from school, please be sure to call the school attendance line.  Also, please be considerate of the rest of the class, we want everyone to stay healthy.


Birthday and holiday celebration:  In an effort to keep our students safe and healthy, we will no longer allow food items into school for birthdays and celebrations.  The children enjoy bringing to school a special book from home to be read or favorite DVD.  Also, the cafeteria offers snack coupons for you to purchase if you so desire.  Therefore, the only food children will be eating is what has been packed for lunch and /or snack by the child's parent/guardian or what the child/parent purchases from the cafeteria.


Contact information:  I can be reached via phone 973-827-7570 Ext. 424 or email at school  I will contact you as soon as possible.