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Supplies Needed

Mrs. Tarantino -


Wind instrument students:

  • Instrumentrent or purchase

  • Lesson BookEd Sueta Band Method, Book 1 (order for specific instrument)

    • This may come with rented instruments, and must be purchased otherwise.

  • Reeds for Clarinet & Saxophone students (size 2 for beginners)

    • Students should purchase a box of reeds, to be kept in instrument case for convenience when one breaks or wears out. Always have several on hand.

  • Valve oil or slide oil for brass players


Percussion students - (Purchase, not rent)

  • Drums only:

    • Drum Practice Pad (Remo 6” or 8”)

    • Drum Sticks (one pair of 7A)

    • Lesson Book – Ed Sueta Band Method Book 1 for Drums

    • Snare Drum (second year students only, optional)

    • Drawstring bag for pad, sticks, binder
  • Mallet Players only:

    • 32-note glockenspiel with mallets

    • Ed Sueta Band Method Book 1 for Mallet Percussion


All students:

  • ½” Binder

  • Pencil

All students need to bring instrument, binder,

and pencil to all lessons and rehearsals.


Supplies can be ordered from, and delivered at no cost to Hamburg School,

or you may obtain needed materials from a vendor of your choosing.