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Band is offered to 4th through 8th grade students with 3 levels of performance groups:  Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, and Advanced Band.


Online Band Registration Form: 




Please note that band is a graded subject. 

Students will be graded on attendance at lessons, concert participation, weekly recordings, and technical ability on the instrument. Daily practice is encouraged, with a goal of 60 minutes per week of independent practice time.  Practice and consistent lesson attendance is essential to your child's progress!! 


Lessons & Rehearsals:

Students will be taken out of one class each week on a rotating schedule for small group lessons. Students MUST attend these scheduled lessons/rehearsals.  Teachers understand that students are excused from their regular class for scheduled band lessons and rehearsals. Students are responsible for making up work from the missed classes.




Playing a musical instrument is a complex and challenging skill.  


It also requires muscle development, and like sports,


regular exercise of those muscles is needed to build strength,


which improves tone and endurance.  


Consistent and diligent practicing is ESSENTIAL to achieve success!!!  







Band Policies:


1.  Students receive a grade for band on their report card. Students are required to attend band as scheduled, even if they forget to bring their instrument to school. Missed lessons or band rehearsals will result in a zero for the day. Students who do not have their instrument in school on a lesson or band day will receive a grade no higher than 70 for that day. 

2. Any student requesting to be withdrawn from band needs to submit the request in writing before the student's name can be deleted from the class roster. This change can only be done at the end of a marking period. 
3.  If your child is struggling, please let me know ASAP so that I can help and encourage them before things progress too far.  Playing a band instrument is a high level skill to learn, and students need your support.  It is essential that your child is practicing at home several days a week.  The student who practices regularly is RARELY the student who is discouraged.  The effort put forth will be well worth it, as you will see.


Hamburg School Band Students are graded on the following criteria:


Small Group Lesson Participation 

  • Participation and attendance grades are given for each weekly small group lesson.

Large Group Full Band Rehearsal Participation

  • Participation and attendance grades are given for each full band rehearsal.

Concert Participation


  • Participation in concerts is mandatory. Only in cases of emergency or unavoidable circumstances will students be excused from concert dress rehearsals or concert performances. Grades are given for each performance, including performance based field trips.


Weekly Recordings

  • Students are required to send short video or audio clips of independent practicing on a weekly basis.

Technical Proficiency

  • Students will be scored on performance of assigned material and fluency on their instrument.  






Supplies Needed


Mrs. Tarantino -




Wind instrument students:


  • Instrument – rent or purchase

  • Lesson Book – Ed Sueta Band Method, Book 1 (order for specific instrument)

    • This may come with rented instruments, and must be purchased otherwise.

  • Reeds for Clarinet & Saxophone students (size 2 for beginners)

    • Students should purchase a box of reeds, to be kept in instrument case for convenience when one breaks or wears out. Always have several on hand.

  • Valve oil or slide oil for brass players




Percussion students - (Purchase, not rent)


  • Drums only:

    • Drum Practice Pad (Remo 6” or 8”)

    • Drum Sticks (one pair of 7A)

    • Lesson Book – Ed Sueta Band Method Book 1 for Drums

    • Snare Drum (second year students only, optional)

    • Drawstring bag for pad, sticks, binder
  • Mallet Players only:

    • 32-note glockenspiel with mallets

    • Ed Sueta Band Method Book 1 for Mallet Percussion




All students:


  • ½” Binder

  • Pencil



All students need to bring instrument, binder,


and pencil to all lessons and rehearsals.




Supplies can be ordered from, and delivered at no cost to Hamburg School,


or you may obtain needed materials from a vendor of your choosing.