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Mrs. Nelson

3rd Grade




Math- Houghton Mifflin Harcourt “Go Math” new updated version


Literacy- McGraw-Hill “Reading Wonders” (Reading, Grammar, and Spelling)


Writing- Collaborative Classroom “Being a Writer”


Social Studies- Scott Foresman “Communities”


Science-  TCI  (Environments & Living Things, Forces & Motion, Weather & Climate, Life Cycles & Traits)



  • Graded complete or incomplete

  • Receive a stamp in “Stamp Book”

  • Reviewed together in class the majority of the time

  • 10% of grade



  1. Keep your hands and other parts to yourself.

  2. Listen when someone is speaking.

  3. Raise your hand.

  4. Follow directions.

  5. Tell the truth.

  6. Use kind words.

  7. Walk indoors.

  8. Speak with an indoor voice.

Behavior Rewards/Consequences


Your child has a “Stamp Book.”  He/she will receive a stamp for positive behaviors such as completing and returning homework, independent class work, and following classroom rules.  When the designated number of stamps is reached, your child will choose an item from the prize box.  The amount of stamps needed for September is (15).  Every month the amount will increase.


The following is displayed on the chalkboard in the front of the classroom.

Our class will have a 2nd recess in the afternoon to take a break from our face masks. When the weather permits, we will go outside. Loss of recess will be applied at this time. 


GREEN                Great!  * Two stamps  “Ready to Learn”


YELLOW (1st)    Warning * One stamp “Dropping the Ball”


ORANGE (2nd)     5 minutes Loss of Recess “Barking up the Wrong Tree”


RED (3rd)    Loss of Recess  “In the Dog House!”


Any additional situations will result in a disciplinary referral to the office.

Weekly Report


Each Friday, beginning September 17th,  I will send home a weekly report. Please sign and return the weekly report and place it in your child’s homework folder.

Student Planner/Agenda


Each morning, your child will write homework assignments, test reminders, or any other notes in the Student Planner.  I will initial it, so you know everything has been recorded.  Please sign or initial the book as well.  There is also room for any notes or questions you may have to share with me.  Please make sure this is returned daily.

Homework Folder


The folder needs to be returned to school everyday.  All homework, notes, and graded papers will be sent home in this folder.  Please check it daily.  Normally, I assign homework Monday through Thursday.  



Daily Math, Daily Literacy, Daily Language and Cursive Writing Reviews


Each day your child completes a short review of math and literacy skills.  The math and language reviews are half sheets of paper.  This allows us to practice skills on a daily basis.  I read the stories/passages and questions aloud to the students, and we review them before they are handed in.  Difficult problems are completed together as a class.  We will rotate reading, language, and cursive.  


At the end of the week, I average the math and literacy as (1) class work grade.  The final average will be written at the top of the paper.  These do not need to be signed or returned.  Thanks!



Monday: 1:20-2:10 Art


Tuesday: 1:20-2:10 Physical Education


Wednesday: 9:20-10:00 Spanish and 1:20-2:10 Physical Education 


Thursday: 1:20-2:10 Music


Friday:   1:20-2:10 Health  



Hopefully, this information will be helpful.  You are welcome to write a note in the Student Planner or Homework Folder, send an e-mail, or call the school.  The school’s phone number is 935-3817.  The best way to contact me is through my school e-mail address at[email protected].


I look forward to having a productive and interesting school year!  Your cooperation and support is always appreciated.  Together, I know we will be successful!