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  I am so excited to be  watching all the wonderful adventures in learning your child is accomplishing each day.  Successful, fun learning comes from the whole TEAM, you as parents, your student trying their best and from me, their teacher, in working with both of you to accomplish the joy of learning and the rewards it will bring. 

So let's continue to work to our best ability  and remember, I am always here to help, listen to suggestions and work with you as the BEST TEAM  together.




In your child's binder is a weekly newsletter and a daily schedule list for each day to show what practice work is being sent for that day/week.  Sometimes last minute changes are made but your child has been told what to do with their work.  Friday practice work is usually not sent although  many ask for it.   So if you find a "surprise" sheet, it is just for "fun".  Weekends are for all of you to enjoy. They go by so quickly.  Do find time though on the weekend to read to your son or daughter or just give them a few minutes to read to you.  As they learn to read, sharing this with you is so rewarding for you both.  What a great gift you can give each other----a few minutes of together time.


Thanks for helping your child with their work.  Their success will continue to improve with that sharing time. 

Any questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact me.  I am available for conferences from 3:40-5:30pm most days. mornings 7:45-8:15am or by phone after 3:30pm.


Always here for YOU.

Mrs. Cronk