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Loving Learning in 2nd grade!    


April 2019

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Our academic focus after Spring Break will be:


Reading: The 5 W’s + How for all genres-we will also write answers to these questions; main idea/details, author’s purpose and comparing/contrasting texts

Phonics:  Review of all sound patterns + prefixes and suffixes

Grammar: Proper nouns, Irregular verbs, Adjectives

Math:  Solving problems with 4 digits! Memorized math facts within 20; 2 step word problems; Geometry

Science:  Environmental changes; Life cycles

Social Studies:  Review of GA story biographies:  Research Based Question (RBQ project)




I hope everyone has an amazing spring break with family!  I am so proud of how much the kids are learning!  When we return, there will be 32 days of school left…..hard to fathom!


Dates to make note of:

April 1-5 Spring break

April 8-last day to order STEM shirts

April 10-Walk to school day! Milestones start for 5th

April 12-Smyrna Police Officers come to be Guest Readers for 2nd! :)

April 19-LEGOLAND field trip!

April 22 Earth Day-Environmental changes unit GREEN SCHOOL activities!

April 23 Springer FUn Run Pep Rally! Fundraising begins!

April 26 Field Day!

May 2-Springer Sprint Fun Run!  2nd grade:  9:00am Griffin Field! 




GO Musher Aliy Zirkle~  We are following Aliy's progress in the Iditarod daily!  We love seeing the dogs and studying the map!  It's been really fun calculating miles traveled and miles left to go using the GPS tracker we watch!  Ask the kids about how Aliy is doing!  We are hoping for a 1st place finish.....thanks for continuing to let the kids wear the t-shirts Aliy sent us! 


UPdate:  ALiy finished 4th!  Great job!


Dates to Remember:

March 6th:  Skype session with author of How To Train a Dragon:  Cressida Cowell!

March 13: Early Release

March 15:  STEM day

March 18:  Picture day!

March 21:  Guest Speaker, Mrs. Carol, with a Science project!  Thanks, Mrs. Carol!

March 22:  Report cards sent home

March 26:  Lessons with Mrs. McCurry for our Inquiry Model Research Based Project!


Please check for weekly emails regarding upcoming events and academic goals!  Also, don't forget to check out Class Dojo!  There are many pictures from our Read Across America activities and our Stem project!  We had a guest reader from CCSD and you'll want to watch the video snapshot of that fun day!






 Most of our information is on our weekly email newsletter and on Class Dojo...Thank you for 100% participation on Class Dojo!  I hope you enjoy seeing what the kids are doing!  I am so proud of their accomplishments!


GO Musher Aliy Zirkle~  We are following Aliy's progress in the Iditarod daily!  We love seeing the dogs and studying the map!  It's been really fun calculating miles traveled and miles left to go using the GPS tracker we watch!  Ask the kids about how Aliy is doing!  We are hoping for a 1st place finish.....thanks for continuing to let the kids wear the t-shirts Aliy sent us! 


Dates to remember:

February 1st:  World Read Aloud day!  We are participating in a Skype session today to celebrate this special event!  A guest reader will share a story via Skype!

Feb. 7th Poetry Cafe!

Feb. 12:  Progress reports go home

Feb. 13:  STEM day!

Feb. 14th: Valentine's day exchange and our field trip to the ballet!

Feb. 15:  Guest Author visit

Feb. 18-22:  Winter break

Feb. 25-March 1:  A whole week of fun activities to celebrate READ ACROSS AMERICA!


Reading:  Folktales!  We are having a blast with our unit on Folktales!  We are asking and answering questions using text evidence.  We are retelling the stories both orally and in writing. We are doing great!  It is a challenge to understand point of view in the text, but we are using our clues, anchor charts and text evidence---we are getting it!  It has been a lot of fun studying fractured fairy tales and comparing/contrasting different versions in this way! 

Writing:  We love sharing our opinions in writing!  Ask your child about their opinion on a topic and they will give you an opening, 3 supporting reasons and a closing!  Awesome job, kids! We can't wait to share our poems with you at our Poetry Cafe!


Math:  3 digit addition and subtraction is getting easier as we apply the strategies in practice daily!  Small group time is helping a lot with subtraction problems, especially!  

The kids are becoming experts at sharing and explaining their math thinking both orally and in writing!  I am incredibly proud of their progress!





January 10th:  Guidance lesson

January 21st:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

January 24th:  STEM Night!  6:00pm-8:30pm at K-1 Campus

(Please note:  No food will be sold at STEM night.)

January 24th:  Guidance lesson




Academic Topics:

Reading:  Fables and Folktales-We are retelling these fictional stories to include telling the central message, or moral, of the stories.

Writing:  Opinion/Persuasive writing-We are learning to write our opinions  and support these opinions with reasons and closure.

Grammar:  Adjectives/Adverbs/Prefixes/Suffixes

Phonics:  aw/ough/all/short o sounds

Math:  Adding and Subtracting 3 digit numbers/Solving 2 step word problems/Adding multiple numbers

Social Studies:  Historical GA biographies

Science:  Environmental Change






December Events


We have a lot going on! Check out these events:


Dec. 3-Story time in the library with check-out

Dec. 4-Skype session with employees at Denali National Park (Alaska)

Dec. 4-Schedule changes:  10:30 Lunch in the room and 11:10 Specials (Art)

Dec. 7- Guidance lesson

Dec. 11-Visit in the classroom from the Cobb County Firefighters-this is a quick lesson before our field trip on the 18th.

Dec. 14-STEM Challenge day

Dec. 18-Field trip to the Cobb Safety Village (9:00am-1:45pm)

Dec. 19-House social

Dec. 19-Germ Quest lesson 

Dec. 20 and Dec. 21-Early Release days


December Academic Focus Points:


  • Reading-Asking and answering questions (using text evidence)
  • Writing-Informational reports (We are researching and writing about Huskies).  
  • Math-2 digit addition and subtraction strategies, 2 step word problems, time to the hour, measurement
  • Science-Forces of motion (pushes/pulls)
  • Health-Healthy choices






Week of Nov. 5-9

Important upcoming dates to note:

November 5-8  Our specials time will be switched to the first session so the kids can practice and prepare for the program.

November 6-Staff day only-no students

November 8- 2nd grade performance -see details below

November 19-23 Thanksgiving holidays-see information below


2nd grade PTA Performance

Thursday, Nov. 8th


Life Church

4100 King Springs Rd.

STUDENTS should arrive by 6:15 dressed in nice clothes-parents hold onto jackets.



Thanksgiving Meals in the Lunchroom:


More information to come----here's what I know now:


2nd grade feast in the lunchroom is on November 15th-5th grade will also have their feast on this day.

Times TBA


On November 14th, we will have sack lunches and will eat in our room so 3rd and 4th grades can have more space in the lunchroom.














Next week:  

We are looking forward to a busy week next week!  One exciting event will be a visit with Mrs. McCurry as she teaches us a lesson using a program called NearPod.  It is interactive and I am excited to learn about this as well!  The kids will learn about Native American (Cherokee) culture with this lesson.


Updates and Academic News:


THANK YOU FOR COMING TO YOUR CONFERENCE!  I loved sitting down with you and sharing your child's work.  



  • RED RIBBON WEEK!   Oct. 22-26
  • See the attachment for all the details, but here are our dress up directions:
  • Monday:  Wear as much red as possible!
  • Tuesday: Wear "what you do" (scout uniform, team jersey, etc..)
  • Wednesday: Crazy hat or hair day
  • Thursday:  Wear mismatched clothes
  • Friday:  Dress as a hero!

 red ribbon week.PNG 


Academic news:


Reading:  Informational text features

Writing:  Informational text 

Spelling:  Vowel digraph patterns

Math:  Strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems

Social Studies:  Creek and Cherokee culture




Academic News for this week and next:


READING:  We have learned how to write a retelling summary of a story to include the beginning, middle and ending parts of the story!


MATH:  We are diving into addition and subtraction with 2 digit numbers next week!  We will be using all of our knowledge about place value to solve these problems.


WRITING:  We are evaluating our writing to revise and edit.  We will publish our first Narrative piece that we have taken through all 5 stages of the writing process!


PHONICS:  We are working to memorize and apply long vowel sounds.


GRAMMAR:  We know all about nouns!


SCIENCE:  We are in the midst of learning about matter!



I will be posting my newsletter via email from now on.  Please use the blog for dates and to access our websites.




More information about all of these events is available on the PTA website,











Liz Li


VP of Communications, King Springs Elementary PTA





Newsletter for August 31st:

We have had a terrific week!  Here are some important upcoming dates to remember:

Sept. 3:  LABOR DAY-no school

Sept. 4:  Support the Pride starts and goes through Oct. 2nd-Goal is $70,000

For more information or to donate:  Http://

Sept. 10:  PICTURE DAY! 

Sept. 11:  Pep Rally 

Sept. 14:  KSE night at the Braves' game

Sept. 24-28 FALL BREAK-no school

Oct. 7:  KSE Fall Festival 2-5pm


NATIONAL PTA REFLECTIONS CONTEST:  Deadline for entry is Oct. 9th at 8:00am.  Entry forms are in the media center and on the PTA website.  This year's theme is:  HEROES AROUND YOU


Our academic focus bullet points for this week and next:

Reading and Writing:  Craft/Structure-retelling with Beginning, Middle, Ending-the middle is actually 3 parts!

Grammar:  Nouns-Collective nouns and Proper nouns

Phonics: Open Syllable patterns-words end with a vowel sound

Word list is: 

1. cry

2. go

3. she

4. fly

5. we

6. so

7. baby

8. robot

9. tidy

Math:  Place Value understanding, Doubles, Near-doubles, Addition, Subtraction, Balanced equations

Social Studies:  GA regions


Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend!




Newsletter for August 24th:

Thanks so much for coming to Open House.  If you were unable to attend, here is the link for our Powerpoint discussion:

 open house 2018-2019 2nd grade.pptx 



MATH:  We are really working hard on understanding place value and how to use patterns/place value to help us skip count.

We are starting on numbers such as 213, then skip counting by 5's.  This is an example for how we skip count in 2nd is not just by the usual way of doing 5's, 10's, etc...

At home:  Give your child a two or three digit number.  Tell them to skip count by 5's and/or 10's and tell you the next 5 numbers.  Try going backwards.


WRITING:  We are learning about "seed" ideas and how to add details.


READING:  We are focused on key ideas and details.  We are recording the beginning, middle and ending details for stories.


PHONICS:  CVC patterns....consonant/vowel/consonant


SPELLING:  word list is-

1. funny

2. there

3. their

4. kind

5. above

6. different

7. come

8. found

9. down

10. know

August 13-17 Update:

We have had a terrific week!  The children are mastering routines and have worked very hard during our workshop times.  Please ask them about what they are learning.....hopefully, you will get some good answers!

In case they do not....

Phonics:  We are focused on digraphs and blends.

Reading:  We have learned how to choose "good fit" books and have stamina while reading.  We have worked on several "reading is thinking" strategies to use.

Writing: We are learning about the writing process and have worked on our prewriting and drafting.  We are also working on capitalization.

Math:  We are focused on understanding number...everything about digits, values, recording, drawing. 

Social Studies:  We are learning about the 5 regions of GA!






AUGUST 6th Update:  I hope to see you at Open House! :)


Open House
Image result for school clip art

8/22 2-5 Campus 6:30
8/28 K-1 Campus 6:30


I am so happy you are here and checking out our class blog!   This will be the home page and will be where I post updates, school and class news.  Please use my blog as a resource along with the emails I will be sending out.  


July 31st: 

I can't wait to see the kids tomorrow for their first day of 2nd grade!  We will have a lot of fun!  

It was so nice to meet everyone at our Sneak a Peek!  I truly appreciate your taking the time to come visit the classroom.  We are going to have a fantastic year together! See you soon!


Sneak a Peek


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You had requested to serve as a chaperone for our Legoland field trip.  The trip will be on April 19th from 9:00-2:00.  Are you still able to go along with us?

Mrs. Laine