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Happy Summer everyone! Now that we are officially finished with the school year, it's time to start thinking about ways to prepare for second grade. Spending time practicing academic skills will ensure that there isn't any "summer slide" and that students will be ready for a confident start to the new school year. The following are some ideas of ways for kids to keep their skills fresh.



  • Wenonah School has a fabulous school-wide Summer Reading Program this year. Students keep track of minutes they spend reading, and when they reach a total of 24 hours, they qualify for a special celebration in the Fall. All information and printables can be found on the school's main webpage in the "Announcements" section.
  • Check out the "Summer Bucket List" link on Wenonah School's website for tons of great ideas for learning during the break from school. This can also be found in the "Announcements" section of the website.
  • Students will still have access to their online accounts during the summer months. IXL, RAZ Kids, Freckle, and Starfall are all great resources for practicing reading skills. 



  • Complete entries in the Writing Journal we used during remote learning.
  • Make your own books with the blank books sent home with remote learning materials.
  • Write a letter or send an email to Mrs. Johnson. She will write back!
  • Create a scrapbook of places you go over the summer with pictures and descriptions of things you see and do.
  • Practice grammar and mechanics skills on IXL and



  • Work on pages left in your Math Workbook. There is a special section at the end called "Step Up To Grade Two". It's a great resource for reviewing key concepts from first grade and giving a sneak peak into the start of 2nd grade skills.
  • Practice math skills on IXL, Freckle, XtraMath, and Prodigy.
  • PRACTICE MATH FACT POWER!!!!! I can't stress enough how important knowing basic addition and subtraction facts "by heart" is for building confidence and readiness for future math concepts. However you want to practice is fine, as long as you practice! Math games, flashcards, and even songs can help make memorizing the facts possible.