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Dear Parents,

Welcome to first grade! I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher this year. 

We will go over everything in detail on Back to School Night, but I wanted to share with you some important information to get the year off to a great start.



Students should line up behind the school next to the ramp at 8:30. At 8:35 the teacher on duty will invite students to enter the building. Students arriving after 8:35 will have to enter through the main entrance in the front of the school. A student is considered late to school after 8:40. On days with inclement weather, students should be dropped off on the Elm Street side of the school and line up in the gym. 



We will have a morning snack each day around 10:00. Students must bring their snack separate from their lunch and label it with their name. Snacks should be easy-to-eat finger foods that don’t require utensils or a lot of assistance since we don’t have a lot of time and may be finishing up work while we eat.


Water Bottles:

Students are encouraged to bring in water to drink throughout the day. Water bottles are kept in a designated area in the classroom and students can sip as often as they like. There is a refilling station in the school with filtered water if necessary during the day as well. ** Only water is permitted. Other drinks must be saved for lunchtime.



Students will have recess and lunch each day during 5th period from 12:15-1:00. They will eat in the APR and staff members will be available to help open containers and assist as needed.


Classroom Temperature:

We have window air conditioning units that are not easily regulated. During summer-like weather our room can be a little chilly if the AC is on. Students are encouraged to keep a hoodie or sweater at school to wear as needed until cooler weather starts and AC is no longer needed.



First graders are dismissed from the main doors in the front of the school. Dismissal is at 3:25, but I try to get them out a minute or two before the older kids to avoid confusion in crowded hallways. Each child will need to let me know when they see the person who is picking them up before I will let them go. Please send in a note or call the office if there is a change in plans or to give permission for your child to go home with someone other than yourself.



My email is and the main office phone number is 856-468-6000. A weekly newsletter is sent home every Monday and will outline the week’s homework, learning topics, and any important information or reminders. In addition, I use an app called ClassDojo which will allow us to send messages (like texts) back and forth and for me to share photos of classroom activities. I will also post announcements and reminders periodically. Information for how to connect with ClassDojo will be sent home during the first week of school.


Toys and Stuffed Animals:

First graders often want to bring in personal playthings from home. Stuffed animals and toys (or Pokemon cards, etc.) may not be kept in desks as they are a distraction to learning. Students must keep them in their backpacks until recess or special classroom time. I discourage students from bringing in really special or valuable items because they can get left outside or misplaced during our busy days.


Daily Folders

I will send home a special folder every day. It will come home even if it is empty. Please return it every morning. This is our way of communicating with each other. I will check the folder every morning for any notes from you. I will also put any important information for you in this folder.  Any homework will also come home in this folder and should be returned in the folder.


I am looking forward to a great start to the school year! The first day of school is on Thursday, September 5th. We have early dismissal so school will end at 12:50. Don’t forget to send your child with a snack and all of their supplies. The list can be found on our school website ( 


See you soon!



Colleen Johnson