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Unit 4 Music Assigments:

1. Look through O365 Unit 4 Music Notes on your Fine Arts Spring 2020 notebook.  Print out the word docs. 

2. Watch "Unit 4 Music Lessons during Covid19 break" playlist on my youtube channel (hollybernard) and complete notes pages.  (There are links to videos in your O365 notebook - do not make me a youtube star! just use them for your notes! LOL!)

   a. Go to youtube and search for hollybernard

   b. Go to "Unit 4 Music Lessons during Covid19 break" playlist

   c. Watch one a day and complete notes as you watch.  (if I talk too fast, just rewind it or send me an email or Remind message and I will try to help you)

   d. Don't try to do everything in one day - it is going to be a long break - just be patient and do one or two a day

   e. When you get to the Blues notes and song section - do your best writing a blues song - follow the format - get your family to help - it will be fun! 

3. Complete the Unit 4 Music Review on 600721 with the following name format: "first name last name block #". I will record your highest grade.

4. Complete the Unit 4 Test in your O365 Notebook.  You may take it as many times as you want and I will record the highest score. 

5. Project for Music Unit: Pick one of the following projects:

   a. create a TikTok or youtube video of you (and your family - that would be fun!) covering a song.  You can use real instruments, homemade instruments, beat box, pen taping, beating on the tables, etc. As always, the song must be G Rated! Send me a link of your video via email or Remind ( and let me know if it is ok for me to post it on youtube.  

- OR - 

   b. pick a band (real or made-up) and design a flyer about the band as if they have an upcoming concert - The flyer must include the following:

      1. Band's name

      2. genre of music the band plays

      3. the name of 2-3 of the band's most famous songs

      4. the 'pretend' venue where the concert will take place & date and time ( example:  "Madison Square Garden", "Radio City Music Hall", "my backyard", etc. )

      5. flyer must take up the entire page (regular 8x11 paper is fine or poster if you want to), must be at least 3 or more colors, neat & aesthetically pleasing ("pretty to look at")

       6. send me a picture of your flyer via email or remind.


 Unit 5 Visual Arts Assignments:

1. Look through O365 Unit 5 Notes and Power points in your Fine Arts Spring 2020 notebook.  Or pick up packet from WFHS on pick up days.

2. Watch Unit 5 Lessons during Covid19 break playlist on my youtube channel (hollybernard) and complete notes pages.

     a. Go to youtube and search for hollybernard

     b. Go to "Unit 5 Visual Art Lessons during Covid 19 break" playlist

     c. Don't try to do it all in one day - just take it one lesson at a time! 

3. Look at projects for Visual Arts unit and choose 3 projects.  Email me a picture of your completed project.

4. - complete the following quizizz 022351, 059175 & 456768 using the following name format: "first name last name block #" and i will record the highest score as a test grade.


Final Assignment

 Fine Arts Yarn Art Project

 Directions for Yarn Art Project

 The sketch should be a still life, scenery, a logo or a replica of a famous work of art

  • Use your imagination to come up with something interesting; you may use a holiday theme, or something you like to do, video games, sports, etc.
  • Once you have created your sketch, assign colors to each section of the picture (MINIMUM of 3 colors)
  • You will need a 12in x 12in (or bigger) piece of regular cardboard or foam board (it’s like thick poster board you can buy it at dollar tree or Walmart) – you have to cut it to the size you want, they only sell it in poster board size. It’s pretty easy to cut with a box cutter or sharp knife.
  • If you need yarn, take what you need from the bin at school or use what you have at home
  • You may then transfer the sketch to the board as accurately as possible.

 o   Make sure that you do not draw super small details that will not be decipherable when covered up with the yarn, yarn is a difficult medium

 o   Use regular school glue to attach yarn to the board – one strand at a time! Watch instructions on YouTube!

  •  The Sketch and final drawing should look exactly the same, except for the size.
  • Every inch of the board must be covered with yarn. No board showing.
  • Watch my instruction on my YouTube channel (hollybernard)



Points Earned

Points Possible

Used at least 3 interesting colors



50 (Participation/Completion)

Scenery, logo, artwork or still life (recognizable subject)



50 (Participation/Completion)

Creative/Decipherable/ Neatness



100 (Assess for Accuracy)

Completely covered with yarn

(based on %)



100 (Major Assessment)

*Bonus: Created and finished Replica of a famous artwork



Bonus 20 pts.



    ** Send me a picture of completed projects through Remind or email **