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Frequently Asked Questions:


When does my child have homework? Your child will have homework each night except Friday. I do not give homework on the weekends. I post the homework outline on the "Weekly Report" each week.  This outline lets you know what homework your child will have each night.



When will we have our reading and math tests?  Reading and Math tests are scheduled accordingly with the completion of our units and chapters.  I will post on the "Weekly Report" what day you can expect your child to be tested.


What mastery score is required by Beauregard Parish on testing? The Beauregard Parish School Board requires a mastery score of at least 75% on Reading and Math testing. Any score below this will result in reteaching and retesting.

Should I be concerned about my child being tardy? Kindergarten instruction begins immediately after morning announcements. Students who come to class late will not have the opportunity to properly prepare themselves for classroom instruction. It is IMPORTANT to note that school attendance is recorded through the computer system. My class record will be reported via the internet during
announcements. If there is a problem getting your child to class on time, please remember that all buses deliver students promptly. Your help in this aspect of your child's education is greatly appreciated!

What if my child needs to go home on another bus? It is understood that emergencies do arise, but please try to send all bus change notes to school in the morning so that the proper arrangements can be made. PLEASE do not wait until late in the afternoon to make the needed change, unless it is a true emergency.