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Rules and Procedures


The BHS policies are enforced in our class. The Student Handbook explains all of these policies.


Additional Class Rules




When the bell rings you are to be in your seats, ready to work. After the bell rings, the door will be closed and class is in session. Anyone walking in after this time will be marked late and is subject to the appropriate discipline. 


When the bell rings you are to be in your seats and ready to work. At this time you should have already put any homework assignments due in your folder in the homework bin. Notebooks and neccessary materials should be at your work station and you should begin the assignment on the board. There will ALWAYS be an assignment on the board when you come in and it is to be started immediately. You will not be allowed to leave the classroom to go to your lockers for any reason after the bell rings. 


No Food or Drink


There will be no food, drink, gum, or candy in class at any time. We will be using the Smartboard mostly every day, and we cannot risk damaging any of it. You will not be admitted into class with any food.


Cell Phones


You are allowed to use your cell phone for math skills, doing research, and spelling. Also the students will have access to a labtop when needed for research and using QuizLet to complete and practice math skills, doing research on a particular animal that is being taught, learning to identify insects that we read about, and learning to identify money and adding it up. Students are allowed to bring a cell phone into class to use for research, using the calculator to add, subtract, multiply, learning to spell and identify certain words. If the student is using it for other reasons, I will be forced to take appropriate action.


Class Cleanliness


We insist that the class and your desk be kept neatly and orderly. Please do not write on desks or the furniture. Do not throw things on the floor; we have a garbage can for those items. Any act of vandalism will be handled accordingly to BHS policy. Do Not write on desks, walls, etc.




Any student caught cheating will be given an unsatisfactory on the assignment. No questions asked. 


Teacher Absence


Any day that I am absent you are to give the substitute the same respect as you would with me. You know your responsibilities as students, and these do not change when I am not here. All assignments given on these days will be collected at the end of the period, and will be marked as a test or quiz grade. Any assignments not handed in will be marked as '0', no questions asked.


"The Truth Will Set You Free"


Do NOT LIE. You will have more respect for yourself and be willing to work out any situation if you are honest with your teacher about everything.


You Must Be Considerate to the thoughts and opinions of your classmates


Everyone's opinions and thoughts are valid and will be respected. It is okay for all of us to have different opinions; if we all thought the same our world would be very boring. We must respect that in this class.