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    ENGLISH 12

Mrs. Scarpelli and Mrs. Yurechko



Welcome to English 12!

In the second marking period we will learn about the Middle Ages in England We will then read Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales Where you will be able to demonstrate your public speaking skills where you transform yourself into one of the Canterbury Pilgrims. It's going to be a great marking period!!! You are now seven short months away from graduating from high school!!!! Keep your eye on the diploma!

English 12 Course Requirements.docx 



 Marking Period 2 Documents:

 middles ages 1.doc 

 middles ages 2.doc

Prologue to the Canterbury Tales Questions.docx

 Canterbury Tales Easy Read.pdf 


  Canterbury Tales Speech .doc 

  Pilgrim Project.docx 




 Please remember that all props and speeches for the Pilgrim Project are due on January 21st!!! Please see google classroom.






English Tutorials


0 Period- Mrs. Scarpelli Room 5337 & Mrs. Russel Room 119

4th Period Ms. Henry Room 5333

5th Period Ms. David Room 6348

6th Period Mr. Wright Room 300