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Supplies Needed:  Each student MUST BRING to class each day the following:

  • Notebook (used strictly for Algebra or Geometry)  ***Geometry students may opt for a 3 ring binder due to the numerous power point and worksheets that will be given to you this year.
  • PENCILS!!!!!!!
  • Calculator (NOT required but recommended)
  • FOLDER You will be receiving numerous worksheets throughout the year.  In order to be organized you must have a folder to hold these worksheets.
  • TEXTBOOK  Leave textbook in your locker or at home to use for homework assignments. 


  • Tests will be announced far in advance from the test day.  If a student is absent the day before a test they will still be expected to take the test.  If a student is out for more than one day before the test, a makeup test will be scheduled.  You must have a pencil on the day of a test.  It is your responsibility to make-up a test.  If it is not taken by the end of the marking period it will be counted as a zero. 

Homework and Classwork Grade:

  • Homework will be given every night.  All students are expected to complete each homework assignment.  Homework will be checked in class the following day.  Late homework will not be accepted.  To receive full credit you must have the appropriate work.  You are responsible for all work missed on a day you are absent.  Homework assignments can be checked on my website through the Bayonne High School’s website.  NOTE TO STUDENT:  the assignment given in class may not be exactly as it appears on the website.  The website should only be used as a secondary source for homework, the first being what is written on the board in class.
  • The online textbook can be used to complete homework assignments.  HOWEVER, the website is down at various times.  If the website is not working you are STILL RESPONSIBLE for the assignment that day.  I strongly suggest you use your textbook for homework assignments and use the website as a back up.
  • Your classwork grade will be made up of the following components:  being prepared for class(which includes bringing a PENCIL EVERDAY), note taking, in-class work, and class participation.  Points will be deducted from your homework/classwork grade if you do not follow these guidelines.  Points will also be deducted if you are caught doing homework for another class.


  • Quizzes will be given when deemed appropriate. 


Class Average:

  • 70% Tests       15% Quizzes     15% Homework .  

Class rules:

  • All students are expected to be in class on time.     3 cuts = Withdrawn from class . 3 lates=Discipline Report
  • No one is to be talking when the teacher is speaking.
  • All students will respect their fellow students and the teacher.
  • Absolutely no cheating on any assignments or tests will be allowed.  If caught cheating on a test you will receive a grade of 0 as a test grade.
  • Students must remain in there seats until the bell rings.
  • All students are encouraged to participate in class discussions and to ask questions.
  • Cutting is not allowed and will not be tolerated.  If you cut class, you will receive a zero for the day.  If you are caught cutting on a test day you will receive a zero for that test.
  • All students are to keep cell phones in their bookbags.  If you are caught with a cell phone, you will be written up.
  • All students must follow the school’s uniform policy.