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Welcome to my classroom page:


All assignments, announcements, and homework will be on google classroom. Below are the class codes to join for each period. 


Algebra 1 Zero Period: iapafpw

Algebra 1 Period 6: xw1sm2

Honors Geometry Periods 2, 3, 4: a7u2wgv


To access online textbook visit


Please use username and password given to you in class


If you can not remember your username or password see below for an alternate way to log in:


Algebra textbook

username: alg1kopacz       password: alg1kopacz


Geometry textbook

username: geokopacz            password: geokopacz





For any questions or concerns I can be reached at [email protected]


Math Tutorials are posted in classroom (math teachers are availabe during zero period and all lunch periods)