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Welcome Parents, Guardians & Students,




This year the Bayonne Board of Education will be using schoology for our online instruction!




Student Access Schoology by visiting the website:

Login Credentials for both your student Chromebook and Schoology are your Student First Name followed by Student Last Name followed by last two digits of your senior graduation year and followed by 


(Example [email protected]) Your password is bboed followed by your student ID number (NO SPACES)

username (example):  [email protected]
password (example):  bboed123456 (No SPACES)

More information about Schoology and other online resources can be found on the Student tab of the BBOED Website at:









Mrs.Jablonski and Dr. Asham Classroom Policies 2022-2023

Grading Policy:


   Grades will be based on the following:


         70% Tests and Quizzes


         20% Laboratory Work/Classwork


         10% Homework


Materials Required:


   Students must bring the following items to class each day:




         *Charged Chromebook




Homework Policy:


   Assignments and due dates will be posted on the Schoology or Savvas/Realize page.


   Late homework submission must be accompanied by an email stating the title and  reason for the delay.


   No assignments will be accepted after 1 week past the due date.


Test Policy:


   All tests will be announced before the test date.


Laboratory Policy:


   Lab work and activities will be integrated into the class. Labs and activities will be followed up by a post lab/activity assignment consisting of worksheets and/or questions to be completed.

Extra Help:


   Tutoring is available during zero period, 7:55 am -8:35 am, in room 110 - Ms. Rios.


Classroom Policies:


   No visible cell phones are allowed during class. Cell phones must be on silent. Charging of cell phones or other electronic devices is prohibited.


   Earbuds must be removed during class.


   Tardiness to class is recorded. 


             Students miss vital information during the first few minutes of class.


   All students must be dressed in accordance with the policies of Bayonne High School; this includes dress code and uniform policy.


   Students will not be permitted to go to their locker during class time.

   Cheating/Plagiarism of any will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to copying from another student; the internet or any book. It also includes sharing of electronic files (Ex. Google          Docs). A grade of zero will be given for any plagiarized work.