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Welcome, I'm so glad you came to visit my page!!!!!!




 I am Mrs. Debra Reeves.  I am the ELA (Reading, Writing, and English) and Social Studies teacher for 5th grade.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year with you! If your child is in my homeroom, then they will be Section 1 and Miss Harper's homeroom will be Section 2.  


Mrs. Reeves' Schedule:

Section 1


    7:45-9:50     ELA

   9:50-10:35   Soc. St.



Section 2


    10:35-11:20   Soc. St.

   11:20-11:35   ELA


   11:35-12:05   P.E.

   12:05-12:25   Lunch

   12:25-12:45   Recess


   12:45-2:35     ELA(continued)

     2:35-3:05     RTI/Library//Music