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Hello and Welcome!!!!


I am the Health and Physical Education teacher here at Salem Middle School. I became an expert in my field by studying at Montclair State University where I also ran four years of track. 


The students here at Salem hold a special place in my heart. There are no two that are exactly the same.


Health- Grades 6,7,8

Friendship, Bullying, Nutrition, Drugs and Illegal Substances, Pregnancy, Male and Female Anatomy, Skeleton and Muscular systems.


Physical Education- Grades 3,4,5

Teamwork, Responsiblilty, Following Rules, Throwing/Catching, Dodging, Flexibility, team sports, and individual fitness.

Importance of Being Fit

Feel Better

Have more energy
Reduce feelings of stree
Have more confidence
Better over all health- increased ability to fight disease
Increase mental alertness
Improved concentration
Improved academic performace

Look Better

Overall appearance improves
Gain/lose weight over time
Improving complexion
More attractive body proportions

Improved levels of physical wellness

Increased muscular strength
Increased muscular endurance
Improved cardio-respiratory ability
More flexibility
Improved body composition- regulates body fat
Decreased muscle and joint problems
Reduces low back pain
Improves motor skill development