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Seventh Grade Language Arts


Course Grading Rubric:                                                    Essay Scoring/Open-ended Scoring:

            10% classwork                                                                                 4 = 98%

            10% homework                                                                                3 = 82%

            30% Quizzes                                                                                    2 = 65%

            30% research/analysis                                                                      1 = 48%

            20% Tests                                                     



 Please remember this is all new to everyone. I am flexible, I am not trying to stress you out or overwhelm you. Please reach out to me if you are struggling!


 RETURN WORK June 5 in Gym from 9-12!



How to reach me: I would LOVE to hear from more of you!!!! PLEASE!!!!

Email: [email protected]

Google Hangouts: [email protected] Schedule video conference: EXTRA CREDIT!

Text: 856-279-0178


Week 11: May 26-May 29

Monday, May 25 Memorial Day: No School!

READ Different types of essay starting on pg 516 in Purple book

Day 1: Read Rattlesnake Hunt on pg 518: Descriptive Essay; DO #5 pg 522

Day 2: Read from Barrio Boy on pg 523: Personal Essay; DO #5 pg 527

Day 3: Read I Am a Native of North America on pg 528: Reflective Essay DO #5 pg 531

Day 4: Read All Together Now on pg 532: Persuasive Essay DO #5 pg 534


Week 12: June 1-June 4

Day 1&2: DO the ALL Questions on pg. 535, #10 should be answered as a BEP

Day 3: Vocabulary Unit 9, take your time, it will be graded for correctness!

Day 4: Vocabulary 9 original sentences 7th grade sentences.


This is the LAST drop-off so please drop off any work from this marking period! 

I never imagined our year would end this way when we left school on March 16th. I look forward to seeing you as you pass by me on your way up to 8th grade in September! Have a great summer and keep in touch!





You will be exposed to reading and writing through outside reading novels and Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes: Writing & Grammar with a focus on Narrative, Expository, and Research/Argumentative.


Writers’ Workshop:

At least two days of week we will concentrate on different types of writing and skills that go along with well-written writing. You will be writing for sustained periods of time.   However, Writing and Reading will take place everyday! Types of writing: Arguementative, Expository, and Narrative     



You will be taught the research process and be responsible for writing your own paper. We will be doing the paper step-by-step in class, but you will need to complete some parts at home. Our topic this year is The Social, Emotional, and Financial Effects of Teenage Pregnancy.


Assignment Policy:

All assignments handed in must have a heading on them or five points will be deducted. If I can’t tell what the assignment is I can’t grade the assignment.


Homework Policy:

            Homework not turned in on the due date will lose five points a day.     

            After ten days or the test on that section it will receive a zero.

            Students will be required to read for 25 minutes Monday through Thursday 



Absence Policy:

Students will have the same amount of time he/she is absent to make-up missed work.



Students are required to have a Black or Blue pen or pencil and outside reading on a daily basis. 




Class Rules


  1. Respect, Respect, Respect! It goes both ways: show respect to get respect!

  2. Come to class prepared, you aren’t running back to your locker.

  3. Raise your hand and wait to be called on.

  4. Dress correctly(refer to uniform policy)

  5. Follow school rules (refer to handbook) examples:  No food, electronic devices, be in the room when the bell rings, and no foul language. Do not try to charge your electronic in my room!




Warning 1. Verbal

Warning 2. 15 minute detention

Warning 3. 30 minute detention

Warning 4. 45 minute detention, a call home with possible write-up 


No Lunch Detention


Disclaimer: Teacher reserves the right to alter or change rules. Write-ups may be given without notice if teacher feels necessary.



Classroom Procedu

Classroom Procedures 


  1. Be in your seat when the bell rings to start the class with your things on your desk ready to start class. (binder, book, pen)

  2. Once you sit down, read the board for directions!

  3. I dismiss you, not the bell. Stay seated until then.

  4. Raise your hand if you have a question or a comment.  If you do not raise your hand, you will be ignored.

  5. When leaving the room for any reason, first you must have permission, then you must write a pass and I will sign it. Do NOT waste lined paper writing a pass.  

  6. Computers are to be used only with teacher permission or when related to classroom work.

  7. Sharpen your pencil or have a writing utensil before the bell rings to start class. Sharpen your pencil instead of catching up on gossip. If you need to sharpen it during class, ask permission.

  8. All completed work is to be turned in to the correct bin. If you do not properly hand it in, it will not be graded.

  9. All absentee work is located on the shelf next to the door. It is your responsibility to make-up all missed work. You will have the same amount of time that you were absent to make-up missed work.

  10. Be on time to class. If you are late to class without a pass, you will receive a teacher detention. If you are ever more than seven minutes late, that is considered a class cut and will be a referral to the office.

  11. The correct heading must be put on all assignments.

  12. If your homework is not turned in on the due date, you will lose ten points a day. After five days or the test, you will receive a zero for that homework assignment.