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This is a website that I use to communicate with parents about important events taking place in school and our classroom by sending you a text message directly to your cell phone!  I am hoping for 100% of my parents' participation.  I will explain what it is and how easy it is to sign up for my text reminders.


First, let me tell you that the phone number you enter is my assigned number I received when I registered for REMIND.  It is NOT my personal cell number.  Next, I never see your cell number when you sign up.  The website is set up to keep your number confidential from me and anyone else in the group. You can text me through this app. If I send out a group text, then everyone in the group can see your response. If you text me outside a group text, only I can read it. I am limited to the size of the message I can send out, so sometimes I write short cuts to fit in everything I need to say! If both parents want to sign up, PLEASE DO! 

You will LOVE this communication tool!!  

We are always so busy that sometimes we forget and we really appreciate those reminders that something is happening at school.  For example, I will remind you of picture day , half days, parties, book fair, spirit days, when report cards are online,  or like when I am in need of chocolate!


Directions below will tell you how to subscribe: It's EASY !  

Use this link below or just follow my directions:




Step #1:  Go to your text messages to write a new text message. Enter the following phone number into your cell phone.


Step #2:  Enter the following message exactly as it is written below and hit send.


Step #3: After you receive a confirmation text from Remind, you MUST REPLY BACK  by entering your name and hit send.

Then I know who you are. :)



You will be registered!


If you have any trouble or questions, I will review on Back-To-School Night.