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Homework :


Monday - Thursday Read an AR book

Math practice, Spelling practice, study vocabulary


Important Dates:


August 18: First Day of School 

September 1: Labor Day - No School

September 11: Patriot Day

September 25: No School




Mrs. Maley's Behavior Plan


Each child is expected to follow the agreements listed below:

 Listen when others are talking.

Follow directions.

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

Work quietly and do not disturb others

Show respect for school and personal property


Each student will have the chance to earn Maley Money everyday.They are responsible for maintaining their money in an envelope (wallet) at their desks. On Friday, they will have a chance to spend their earned money (Maley dollars) at the Maleyville Market.  Students will need at least $1.00 in order to shop at Maleyville Market. Students will have to pay for their item.  We use play money to teach money skills. Students will also have the opportunity to save their money for big ticket items, such as extra computer time or ice cream at lunch.

 If students do not follow the rules, the students will have to pay fines.  The amount of the fine depends on the severity of the inappropriate behavior. If the money is not kept in the student’s “wallet”, (on the floor, in their desk) there is the possibility it could be “stolen”.  There is also a possibility that the parent may be called.

 If a child is persistently naughty (hitting, kicking, using profanity or destroying school property) they will have to go through the school referral process.  Please remember that referrals go on your child’s permanent record.


Meet Mrs. Cathy Maley


Mrs. Maley was born in Washington DC and raised in Virginia. Mrs. Maley is married and has two daughters. Courtney is a VPK teacher and Melissa is an assisstant store manager at IZOD. When Mrs. Maley is not at school, she loves going to the beach, shopping with her daughters, attending Everblades Hockey games, and playing with her two Labradors - Saphira and Blaze

  Any chocolate candy, Ice Cream.

Things she collects:  Elephants and Angels

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Cartoon Characters:  Scooby-doo

Favorite Music: Country and Christian

Favorite Sport: Loves Wrestling and Everblades Hockey

Undergraduate School: FGCU, BA Elementary Education

Graduate School:  FSU, Autism Endorsement, UCF - Masters in Special Education- Autism