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Find out how to do Minecraft Education Edition at home!  There are a few items to address below, and a number of rules.  Please read more if you are interested:


1.  This will ONLY work on a Windows or Apple-based computer, no Chromebooks.  This also works on an IPAD, but not on Android devices.

2.  The same rules from school apply here.  This is meant for you to be able to join a teacher who is hosting a map, or to create content that you can then use in school.

3.  This is NOT a way to host games yourself, unless you are given permission by your school administrators.  You have all signed digital contracts with technology use at school, and what you do on Minecraft EDU at home holds the same weight as what you do at school.




1.  You need to download and install MINECRAFT EDUCATION EDITION from the following link:

2.  Once downloaded, please install it on your IPAD or computer.

3.  Once installed, you should see an icon you can click on that would load the program up and start Minecraft EDU on your machine.

4.  To login, simply use the same login that you use at school!  If it says it's being used, simply try another one!

5.  The microsoft signin would be  (these numbers can change, but for now use the one you use at school like steamstudent 15, ect)

6.  The password is Carrot254 or Eggplant45623

7.  steamstudent29 is Mr. Arch's account, so that one won't work for you.

8.  I believe we have logins for steamstudent28 all the way down to steamstudent1.  We can get more accounts if need be.




1.  Anything you make or do is saved ONLY ON YOUR MACHINE.  You WILL NOT see what you did at school.  This is good!  This means nobody else can change what you've worked on.

2.  If you wish to save what you have done it is complicated, but possible.  In the future we will be allowing you to do projects at home, save a file to a USB drive and then bring it into class.

3.  You can also, in the future, start a project at school, save it to a USB drive and then take it home to work on it!






 Fridays from 12PM to 1PM.  ZOOM Session maybe start up to 15 minutes early to log attendance and assign logins.  Do not sign in to Minecraft prior to the meeting as you may have to use a different login.


937 9509 6688