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Video Edit Project

Theme:  Predator

Youtube Clips:  Relaxing Autumn Forest / Leaves Falling From Trees, Fog and Rain in Colorful Forest / 8 Hours, Green Screen Predator Part 3, Predator - Vision & Sound FX (HQ sound) full heartbeat effect

Ideas:  I’m walking through a forest having fun.  Predator sees me with his heat vision.  He appears and scares me.  I run away as he chases me.




  • Save - Control + S
  • Copy – Control + C
  • Paste – Control + V
  • Select All – Control + A
  • Kill Software – ALT + F4
  • Unselect/Deselect (Photoshop) – Control +D
  • Reset To Default – ALT + DD
  • Step Backwards – Control + Z, or Control + ALT + Z to step back multiple times in certain programs



Magic Wand - The 4th tool down.  It should look like a magic wand.  If it does not, simply right click the tool there and change to magic wand.  This lets you quickly select an area, like a green screen, and click it away fast! 



  • How many PIXELS are on the screen
  • It’s a number times a number
  • We are using 1920 X 1080 (HD resolution)
  • Every project you do and create will have this resolution
Frame Rate
  • How many times a second the camera takes a image
  • The higher the frame rate, the easier it is to do slow motion
  • You will either be doing edits in 30 frames or 60 frames
  • 30 frames – Normal Speed
  • 60 frame – Slow motion
How To Split Video
  • Click where you want to cut on the video
  • Hit “S” on your keyboard, it’s that easy!

Special Effects

  • Slow Motion - Hold in control on keyboard, then pull the video clip LONG. You'll see a squiggle at the end of the clip that tells you it's OK to pull it
  • Speed Up (RAMPS) - Hold in control on keyboard, then pull the video clip SHORT. You'll see a squiggle at the end of the clip that tells you it's OK to shrink it
  • Transitions - When two clips overlap each other they fade between each other.
  • Text Frames - Click on "Media Generators", then click on "Legacy Text". Drag what you want in to your timeline.

4k Video Downloader

  • Find clip you want on Youtube
  • Copy internet link (highlight it and hit control+c on keyboard)
  • Open 4k Video Downloader and paste link there (control+v on keyboard)
  • It will say "parsing". Now in top left corner click either "extract audio" or "download video" depending on which you want.
  • Then hit the "browse" button or "..." in the bottom right corner which will allow you to save the file somewhere.
  • Save it to your computer, and then drag it in to Sony Vegas from that folder.


Green Screen Techniques:

  • Chroma Keying:  Removal of a color in video editing
  • Masking: Removal of certain portions of a video that you don't want
  • Panning:  Moving a video clip in any direction you wish
  • Cropping:  Zooming in and out on video clips