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Welcome to Mrs. LeBlanc's

Kindergarten Class 






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This Week's Agenda




Language Arts

Letter Sounds A-Z & ee, th, sh, ng, ed, oo, ch, ar, ay, or, ir, er, ur, or, wh, oa, ai, oy, aw, au, ui, ew, oe, ck, ph, wr

Comprehension - sequence events, identify characters & setting, cause and effect, drawing conclusions, identifying the theme/main idea, classify & categorize

Adjectives & Verbs (present and future tense)

Subject & Predicate parts of a sentence


Manipulating Phonemes in words



Sight Words

blue, come, if, came, ask, big, an, red, into, no, are, ride, its, now, just, long, your, very, went, over

 do, so, can, did, will, my, me, one, were, see, get, would, what, could, like, not, when, them, yes, this

have, look, at, little, we, is, am, with, her, down,as, him, some, out, then, all, go, there, be, up,  a, I, the, and, it, on, to, in, he, she, was, for, you, said, they, of, his, that, but, had



Writing CVCe words 

Write a question sentence

Writing sequencing sentences (ex. First, I make my bed.  Next, I brush my teeth.  Last, I get dressed.)




Skip count by 2's, 5's, 10's

Count to 100

Count from a given number

Data and Graphs

Identify the month, year, & days of the week on a calendar




Science/Social Studies

Needs and Wants 









Ball Word Champions!!

Baseball - Brooklyn, Ava, Caleb, Julia, Alejandro, Jameson, Wellington, Lilian, Eli, Jason, Billy, Lia, Landon, Oliver, Aria, Tristan


Soccer - Brooklyn, Caleb, Eli, Jameson, Wellington, Ava, Jason, Julia, Lilian, Alejandro, Billy, Lia, Landon, Oliver, Aria, Tristan, 


Basketball - Brooklyn, Eli, Caleb, Eli, Jameson, Alejandro, Wellington, Ava, Lilian, Julia, Jason, Billy, Landon, Billy, Oliver, Lia, Aria, Tristan


Football - Brooklyn, Caleb, Eli, Jameson, Ava, Wellington, Lilian, Alejandro, Julia, Billy, Lia, Landon, Jason, Tristan, Oliver, 


Volleyball -Brooklyn, Caleb, Eli, Jameson, Ava, Lilian, Alejandro, Julia, Jason, Wellington, Landon, Billy, Lia


Golf ball - Brooklyn, Eli, Caleb, Ava, Lilian, Jameson, Wellington, Alejandro, Julia, Jason, Landon, Billy, 


Tennis ball - Brooklyn, Eli, Ava, Jameson, Alejandro, Lilian, Caleb, Julia, Wellington, Jason, Landon


Bowling ball -Brooklyn, Eli, Jameson, Caleb, Ava, Jason, Alejandro, Lilian, Julia, Wellington, Jason


Ping Pong - Brooklyn, Eli, Jameson, Ava, Caleb, Alejandro, Lilian, Julia, Jason, 


Hockey Puck - Brooklyn, Eli, Jameson, Ava, Caleb, Julia, Lilian, Jason, Alejandro, 


Beach Ball - Brooklyn, Eli, Jameson, Ava, Caleb, Lililan, Jason, Alejandro, 








Upcoming Activities 


5/17 - Fairy Tale Parade

5/27 - No School Memorial Day

5/28 - 5/30 Early Dismissal

5/30 - Last Day of School 









May  Birthdays 








If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 458-0033 or you may e-mail me at  Please remember that if your child is going home differently it must be in writing and it can not be done via email.