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Quarter 4 Skills


Language Arts


Manipulate beginning & ending sounds (ex. change the /c/ in cat to a /h/, what is the new word = hat)

Blend words with beginning blends (ex. /ch/ /i/ /p/ = chip)

Spell CVC words

Read words fluently

Read sentences fluently

Sequence Events (first, next, last)

Comprehension (Listen to a story and answer questions about it)



Sight Words 

came, come, blue, if, ask, your, into, an, no, over, just, are, red, its, now, went, long, very, big, ride

do, so, can, did, will, my, me, yes, see, not, could, would, when, what, were, get, them, like, this, one

at, look, little, have, we, out, him, is, as, am, with, her, be, then, there, up, some, all, down, go

 the, I, was, for, to, you, said, on, and, it, his, they, he, of, that, but, a, in, she, had




Write first and last name

Write a question sentence

Write an sequencing sentences (ex. First, .....   Next, ....  Last, ....) 

Sentences should begin with a capital letter and end with a period.

Inventive spelling is fine. 




 Count to 100 by 1's

Skip count by 2's, 5's, & 10's

Counting on from a given number

Answer calendar questions (ex. Where is the year, the month, the days of the week?  How many Monday's are in the month? Show me April 16th.)

Numbers 20 and beyond

2D & 3D shapes

Classify & sort data

Subtraction fluency within 3 seconds (differences to 5)





Science/Social Studies


Pushes & Pulls

Celebrations and Holidays

Needs vs. Wants