Welcome to Mrs. LeBlanc's

Kindergarten Class 









Calling all happy campers!  Get ready to pack your backpacks and hike into Camp Learn-A-Lot!




Your child can access Compass Learning from home.  There are activities assigned to them for review.  To access Compass Learning, follow the directions that were handed out at curriculum night.



Ball Word Champions!!

Baseball - Solaris, Maycee, Yehzlin, Santiago, Kyson, Analisa, Kimberly, Anthony, Avah, Travis, Eric, Briana, Oliver, Aliya, Brylee, Bailey


Soccer - Solaris, Santiago, Analisa, Maycee, Kyson, Yehzlin, Avah, Eric, Anthony, Travis, Briana, Kimberly, Oliver, Bailey, Aliya, Brylee


Basketball - Solaris, Analisa, Santiago, Maycee, Eric, Yehzlin, Avah, Kyson, Kimberly, Briana, Anthony, Travis, Oliver, Brylee


Football - Solaris, Analisa, Santiago, Avah, Yehzlin, Briana, Kimberly, Eric, Maycee, Kyson, Travis, Oliver, Anthony


Volleyball - Analisa, Avah, Solaris, Santiago, Yehzlin, Eric, Briana


Golf ball - Solaris, Analisa, Avah, Santiago, Eric, Yehzlin, Briana

Tennis ball - Analisa, Solaris, Avah, Santiago, Yehzlin, Eric, Briana

Bowling ball - Analisa, Solaris, Avah, Santiago, Eric

Ping Pong - Analisa, Solaris, Avah, Santiago

Hockey Puck - Analisa, Solaris, Avah

Beach Ball - Analisa, Solaris, Avah












This Week's Campers Agenda


 Language Arts

Producing rhyming words

Identify middle sounds of CVC words

Blending CVC words

Adding Phonemes (say -ap, now add c = cap)

Deleting phonemes (say hut, say it without the /h/ = ut)

Comprehension - characters, setting, & main idea

Sequencing - First, Next, Last


Nouns & Proper Nouns


Verbs - present & past tense

Comparing & Contrasting

Cause & Effect

Identify the naming and action part of a sentence




Sight Words

are, that, do, go, one, two, three, four, five, here, from, can when, did, will, them, this, not, get, yes


Review: have, in, his, on, had, he, for, me, with, she, you, but, look, they, of, be, down, him, so, then, all, her, there, as, out, I, a, the, am, little, we, to, see, is, my, up, and, at, like, it





sh, ee, th, oo, ow, ou, ch, ar, ay, ai, oy, oi, er, ir, oy, oi, wh, ck, ur, or, aw, au, ea, oa, ew, ui

a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z, ng, ed




 Letter writing

Writing simple sentences w/verbs

Writing an informative sentence about a picture






Using a calendar - identify today, yesterday, and tomorrow

Count by ones from 30 - 75

Writing numbers to 20

Count, read, write, and model numbers 11-19

Subtraction fluency within 3 seconds (0-0=0, 1-0=1, 2-0=2, 3-0=3,     1-1=0, 2-1=1, 2-2=0, 3-1=2, 3-2=1, 3-3=0)





Science/Social Studies











Upcoming Camp Activities 

3-15  - Field Day

3-16  - Spring Pictures & last day of 3rd quarter

3-19 - 3-23 - Spring Break

3- 26 - Return to school & 4th quarter begins

3-30 - No School Good Friday






March Birthdays

Anthony - 27th 






If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 458-0033 or you may e-mail me at heidial@leeschools.net  Please remember that if your child is going home differently it must be in writing and it can not be done via email.