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Ugly Cat & Pablo




Author Isabel Quintero

AR Level 4.0


Book Trailer/ Interview with the Author



Ugly Cat is dying for a paleta, or ice pop, and his mouse friend Pablo is determined to help him get one by scaring a little girl who is enjoying a coconut pop in the park. But things go horribly wrong when, instead of being scared, the little girl picks Pablo up and declares that he would make a great snack for her pet snake. In all of the commotion and confusion, Ugly Cat wonders if he might have accidentally swallowed Pablo himself! 


Mrs. H Says:

A fast and fun read. I kept laughing throughout this crazy plot of Ugly Cat trying to get his popsicle or his paletas [spanish for popsicle]. Pablo the mouse is supposedly the brain of this duo and wait until the neighborhood dog gets involved. If you have ever wondered what your pets are thinking, this book will satsify you.  And so will a paleta!



Review Teacher Ms. Roberts