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The Sweetest Sound




Author Sherri Winston

AR Level 4.6


Book Trailer / Read Aloud by Ms. Otis



For ten-year-old Cadence Jolly, birthdays are a constant reminder of all that has changed since her mother skipped town with dreams of becoming a star. Cadence inherited that musical soul, she can’t deny it, but otherwise she couldn’t be more different – she’s shy as can be. She did make a promise last year that she would try to break out of her shell, just a little. And she prayed that she’d get the courage to do it. When a secret recording of her singing leaks and catches the attention of her whole church, she needs to decide what’s better: deceiving everyone by pretending it belongs to someone else, or finally stepping into the spotlight.


Mrs. H says:

A heartfelt story of a shy girl who finds her voice.  It will take you into the world of gospel singing, dreams, loss, family and friendship.  Sometimes wanting to be alone - does not mean you are lonely.  This one is a special book, not fast moving - but will stay with you.  And for those of you who love chorus and Mariah Carey fans as well this book will get you singing.


Review Teacher Ms. McKeever