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Podkin One-Ear



Author: Kieran Larwood

AR Level: 5.5


Book Trailer This is a reading of the first chapter with illustrations. 


In a classic fantasy world of anthropomorphic rabbits, three young siblings are on the run from the villainous Gorm tribe who have killed and enslaved their clan. Podkin, once destined to be clan leader, has always been spoiled, but now he must act bravely as he, his older sister, and baby brother flee for their lives. Facing pursuit and treachery, the three collect allies in their search for refuge, until at last they are ready to fight back against the Gorm and attempt to rid the land of an evil scourge.


Mrs. H says:

A sweeping adventure story that will take you to unexpected places.  At first it has a slow build, but then you are caught up in Podkin's fight to save their lives.  He is a reluctant hero- a bit on the lazy side.  And of course he is a rabbit. I especially enjoyed hearing about all the burrows and underground lives.  The villians are quite bad.  The first battle where the Gorm take over his home will stay with you.  One minute life is fine and the next minute everything changes forever.  This is the longest of the book battle books and is filled with rich details.  


Review Teacher Mrs. Miller