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Author: Terry Lynn Johnson

AR Level: 3.9


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Eleven-year-old Travis and his family are on a whale watch off the coast of Washington when disaster strikes. The boat capsizes, throwing everyone into the ice-cold chaotic waves. Separated from their families and struggling to stay afloat, Travis and twelve-year-old Marina must use all of their grit and knowledge to survive.


Mrs. H says:

This one is exciting and a quick worthwhile read.   Travis is forced to think quickly once Marina, who has all the survivor knowledge, weakens and cannot help out in their dire situation.  Plus there are loads of practicle survivor tips.  Not so easy to stay calm when ice cold danger surrounds you.  Kudos in making Travis' character a gymnast.  He was able to apply those sports skills to his survival dilemmna.  I kept thinking all the way through what if this was me. Also this is part of a series called Survivor Diaries.  We will get more for our library.


Review Teacher Mrs. Clark


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