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Lights, Camera, Cook!




Author:  Charise Mercie Harper

AR Level:  4.4


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A zesty series for fans of MasterChef Jr. and Kids Cook-off! In episode one, four talented tween chefs step into the spotlight to prove that they have what it takes to become the Next Best Junior Chef. Who will have the grits to get through week one of the competition?


Mrs.H says:

These junior chefs will introduce you to delicious dishes, some a bit strange.   I'm not sure how many students will know about these savory spices and dishes, but you can relate to each of the contestants.  The cool aspect of this novel is how it takes you behind the scenes of a TV Reality Show: how they film it, what the adults are like when the camera goes off and how smiling directly at the camera is forbidden.   And then there are all the interviews.  Fair warning to find out who wins the competition you have to read the next two novels.  Or maybe you will put down the series and go directly to the kitchen and start cooking yourself.





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