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I Love You, Michael Collins


Author:  Lauren Baratz-Logsted

AR Level:  5.1


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It’s 1969 and the country is gearing up for what looks to be the most exciting moment in U.S. history: men landing on the moon. Ten-year-old Mamie’s class is given an assignment to write letters to the astronauts. Only Mamie writes to Michael Collins, the astronaut who will come so close but never achieve everyone else's dream of walking on the moon, because he is the one who must stay with the ship. After school ends, Mamie keeps writing to Michael Collins, taking comfort in telling someone about what's going on with her family, one by one, they leave the house thinking that someone else is taking care of her—until she is all alone except for her cat and her best friend, Buster. And as the date of the launch nears, Mamie can't help but wonder: Does no one stay with the ship anymore? 


Mrs. H says:

I love this book.  In fact I love Mamie [ you will find out why she has that name later] and her next door neighbor Buster [ you will never find out why he has that name].  This is historical fiction and disclaimer I was around Mamie's age when the astronauts landed on the moon in 1969.  Every part of this novel rang true.  From the weird taste of Tang to how there was alot of waiting around to see Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrich walk on the moon.  Yet that doesn't matter, what matters is the third astronaut the one no one ever thinks about Michael Collins.  And he never walks on the moon or gets all the glory, but neither does Mamie she is the quiet kid in school and in her family.  And that does not mean she doesn't do a lot of thinking.  Even though everything is a disaster family wise, Mamie is staying with the ship.  Plus she has Buster and all you need is really just one good friend.  Um plus second dislosure, my eyes teared up at the end, but maybe that was also because I was finishing the book at 3 in the morning.


Review Teacher:  Ms. Reed


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