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Look at ABCya for variety of games by grade level

Scholastic Computer Games

Library Rules to Edit Jeopardy Style

Library Resources from Elementary Librarian [ printables/ powerpoints/ pdf

Check out Power point for beginners from Elementary Librarian 4-5

Audacity and Audio Boo for podcasts with Dr. Wes Fryer

Mapping Media with Dr. Wes Fryer

Monarch Centers Wiki by grades [library and computer skills]

Word Dynomo- all grades [ more than just vocabulary games - hosted by

Word Clouds - from Word Art all grades - graphic design elements


ABC Order

K-1 ABC Order Roy the Zebra

K- 1 ABC Order Paw Park Kangaroos

K-1 ABC Order with Paw Park bears

K-1 Drag the Word in ABC order

K-1 Learning Planet ABC Order

K-1 Connect the Dots ABC Order

K-1 Alphabetical Order with ABCya

2-3 ABC Order Game Word Sort

2-3 Spelling City ABC Word Sort

2-3 Alphabetize through 3rd Letter [harder]

4-5 Shelver Game

Books Online and Characters

K- Back and Front Cover - parts of a book

K - 1: Games and Videos on well known children's characters

K- 1: Books to Read by Unite for Literacy [need to set city and state]

K-1, 2-3, 4-5 Dr. Seussville

3,4,5 Charlotte's Web Activities

3-5 Character Scrapbook

3-5 The Stacks [variety books with activities]


Book Trailers

Student Made Book Trailers

How to Make a Book Trailer


Digital Safety/ Citizenship

3-5 Webonuats Academy

4-5 Professor Garfield Cyberbullying

4-5 Safety Land

3-5 Privacy Pirates


Fiction/ Non Fiction [Fact or Opinion]

K-1 Tina's World Real or Make Believe

2-3 Fiction Vs. Non Fiction

2-3 Jeopardy F or NF game

4-5 Shelver Game

4-5 Fact or Opinion

4-5 Evelyn's Expedition 



4-5 Choose your Adventure/ Dog's Life

4-5 Mythstarters

Keyboarding / Typing Skills


Dance Mat Typing

Spider Typing

K-1 Wild Animal Matching Game [left click]

Poetry/ Rhymes

K-1 Reggie Loves to Rhyme

2- Wizards and Pigs [Rhyme/ Alteration/ Rhythm]

3, 4-5 Poetry Idea Center


Presentation Skills

2-5 Taxedo - word clouds or Word Art 

K-3 How to Make a Power Point

3-5 PhotoStory Basics

2-3 Image Search with Pics4Learning [ education friendly]

4-5 Image Search with Flickr Creative Commons or Pixabay

4-5 Image Editing with Be Funky

4-5 How to Make A Prezi



2-3 Dictionary Design

2-3, 4-5 Rags to Riches Dictionary Game

2-3, 4-5 Guide Words Game

2-3, 4-5 Dino Dictionary Guide Words

2-3 Spelling Puzzle

K-5 Explore Our Databases - Britannica School


Review and Share [Blogging]

3-5 Mrs. H Book Battle Blog



2-5 Scratch - Interactive Stories from MIT

3-5 Storyboard That