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The Ark Plan



Author: Laura Martin

AR Level:  5.4


 Book Trailer by Javyer Burtner



Five years ago, Sky Mundy’s father vanished from North Compound without a trace. Now she has just stumbled on a clue that not only suggests his disappearance is just the tip of an even larger mystery, but also points directly to the surface. To find her dad—and possibly even save the world—Sky and her best friend, Shawn, must break out of their underground home and venture topside to a land reclaimed by nature and ruled by dinosaurs.


Mrs. H says: 

Do you like edge of your seat adventure and mysteries?  

Have you heard of Dystopian Novels?  And what if Dinosaurs ruled the world?


Loved the strong characters in this book.  Sky is the coolest and every one needs a best friend like Shawn. Or is her topside new friend Todd the one to rely on.  Wait a second Sky doesn't need anyone to rely on - she will find her Dad herself.  Take the tribal nature of Hunger Games  set in Jurrassic Park along with your friendship trio and you have a novel you can't put down.


Review Teacher - Ms. Tejeda


Interview with author.

Dangerous Dinosaurs