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Book Battle & SSYRA 2020/2021

New List here  Book Battle June 4th


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Diplomat Students who are in the race to tryout for our Team -1/13/2021



What is Book Battle ? A competition to encourage Reading!


  • Elementary Schools throughout Lee County send a 6 member team to battle out questions on each of the above books.  THIS YEAR THE COMPETITION WILL BE VIRTUAL.
  • At Diplomat we have made the finals every year & won the competition 5 times.  See more
  • At our school the TEAM TRYOUT is in Wendesday January 27th  for any 3rd, 4th and 5th graders who have read 12 out of the 15 books. 
  • The tryout is a timed mutliple choice test and the 6 students who score the highest make the team. 
  • Usually over 100 students try to read all 15 books.  New - if you Read all 12 out of the 15 books by January your may try out for the team -- however the test will have questions from all 15 books.
  • At tryout there is close to 25 students who have read all 15 books.


How can I make the team? Read the tips here.





What if I try out for the team, but don't make it?

  • You get your picture on the #Read All 15 wall.
  • You get to come to the end of the year party.
  • You get a silver medal - plus chocolate



More Pics of  2019 The Book Battle Team and Party.



What if it takes longer to real all 15 Book Battle Books?

  • You get to go the the end of the year reading party.
  • And you get a bronze medal - plus chocolate.


Team Information Here - including review teachers


To Try out for the Team in January .

  • Read 12 out of the 15 books by mid January.
  • Turn in your AR reports on all 12 books.
  • Showing you have an 85% average for the total tests.
  • No AR test score below 80%.
  • You may under teacher direction have 2 do-overs.
  • So you would re-read the books and test again.