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Keep Reading All Year 

 with Teacher Librarian Mrs. Harclerode


Time to Return Your Library Books

Click Here to learn how to find out what you have checked out.

As of 6/5 - we have 439 library books still out.

That's down from 1800.





 Search for library books and other materials using


You will have to log in using your student log in.  Destiny Discover is a more friendly student search. 


Destiny Discover is our new library catalog search.




 Click on the pix above and link to a Safari Montage Video about it.  You must be logged in to watch.




Listen to Mrs. H's Favorite Folktales Here.



New List for Book Battle Here

Everything Book Battle / Trailers Here
















BOOK FAIR was a Success!!

We made over $3000 to buy new books for our library!!! 471 books bought for teachers !!!!



The Read and Relax Reward went to ....




First Grade with 84 books bought for teachers classrooms.



Third Grade won with 90 books bought for teachers' classrooms








Poster Winners - see them all here.


Watch the PARP Play here





 We are sorry to say this year's Book Battle Competiton had to be cancelled.  Our team is forever No. 1 in our hearts.



16 students tried out for the 2020 Book Battle Team. 

Above are the 6 students who made this year's team.


New List for Book Battle Here



What is Book Battle?  Elementary Schools throughout Lee County send a 6 member team to battle out questions on each of the above books.  At our school the TEAM TRYOUT is in January for any 3rd, 4th and 5th graders who have read all 15 books.  The tryout is a timed mutliple choice test and the 6 students who score the highest make the team.


The competition began in 2008.  We have made the finals every year and won the competiton 5 times!!!!



Trailers for the Book Battle Books 2020

 Book Battle Team Information 2020




Hours We Are Open

For Book Check Out:

 8:30 - 9:20, 9:50 - 10:35, 10:50 - 11:30, 11:50 - 12:30, 1:10 - 2:55


3 Book Check Out for 14 Days


10 Days for Book Battle Books

Only 1 Hot Pink [0.1 - 0.9] AR books at time.



Where do you want to go?



The Library Lesson Site  

lessons, research links, news and fun


Book Trailers For Readers 

Trailers on Mrs. H youtube channel


Book Battle Information 

info about the books

info about trying out for the team


Destiny Library Catalog / Launchpad

- for our books, e books & research databases

- best to use Launchpad to access

-go to Instructional Apps & select Destiny


Overdrive E Books  / Launchpad

- best to use Launchpad 

- go to Instructional Apps & select Overdrive


Digital Lab 

online activities from Mrs. H



gateway for all your apps with your Student Single Sign On



 Note at school, sites will often open up directly - but the preferred method is to use launchpads to access the library catalog, databases, e books from overdrive and even the book trailers .  Once in launchpad you should only have to sign in one time and your good to go. Teachers sign in the way you would when you open your computer.




Password Info 

Go through LaunchPad

Students sign in using your

 Student Single Sign On

USER NAME = media [that AR log in] 7 alpha & digits. 

PASSWORD = lunch number [District ID] 8 digits .



Library/ Media classes are part of the specials rotation where students learn about reading, informational and digital literacies.  Students can check out books at the end of their class, as well as any time their teacher sends them.


Happy Reading!

Your Librarian Mrs. Harclerode










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However they do work from all teacher stations and also for home use.