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 CNHS Clubs & Activities 


To learn more about CNHS clubs, click Club Descriptions.

(updated 09.13.17)


There will be a Club/Activity Fair held on September 14, 2017. This will be a great opportunity for all students to see what CNHS has to offer. All clubs and activities will have representatives present to discuss how you can participate. Get involved, build your resume, expand your knowledge...join a club!


For information on the Science National Honor Society's first annual summit, click here! Tickets on sale in room A223!



 Upcoming Meetings for Clubs & Activities


You can check the CNHS online schedule for clubs, activities and sports at


To view a specific club or sport schedule, click on the appropriate box and "view" on the right side of the page.


 So you want to start a NEW club...


If you have an interest that isn't being met with a current club (see "Club Descriptions" link above), then you can proposea new one. To make your proposal, you must submit the following to the SECA in writing:

      1. Name of club, Name(s) and homeroom of student leaders, Name of staff member advisor.
      2. Purpose of the club; what are some proposed activities/events?


Be clubs will not be permitted to fundraise in their first year of operation.


Once submitted, the proposal will be reviewed and the student(s) will be notified of approval status.