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Go Cougars...Go Cougars...Go Cougars...Go Cougars...Go Cougars



Winter sports typically begin*:

Bowling & Swimming on November 15th each year...

Basketball, Wrestling, & Track begin the Monday after Thanksgiving each year. 

*(this may vary)



Listed below are the  Winter Athletic Programs  offered at CNHS.

Where an extension is not available (*), please call the SECA office at extension 1009.


Boys Basketball (Mr. Piccola) -

Tryouts, November 20, time tbd


Girls Basketball (Mr. Jannarone) -

Tryouts, November 20, time tbd


Wrestling (Mr. Jankos) - - twitter: @CNHSwrestling

Tryouts, November 20, time 3 pm


Winter Track (Mr. Hein, 1145) - - Colts Neck Track

 Tryouts, November 20, time 3 pm


Boys Swimming (Mr. Bruck, 1127) -

Girls Swimming (Mr. Bruck, 1127) CNHS Swimming Shutterfly Site


Tryouts, November 6


Girls Bowling (Mr. Yorke, 1192) -

Boys Bowling (Mr. Yorke,1192) Shore Conference Bowling Statistics

 Tryouts, November 15, 3 pm



Ice Hockey


 Tryouts, November 5