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The resources and announcements below are for CNHS coaches.

Go Cougars!


Courses required of all coaches. Upon completion, please hand in your certificates to the SECA


NFHS courses

To be completed annually

To be completed once by coaches who began after 2007


CPR/AED Course

To be completed bi-annually, online courses DO NOT qualify


Other required reading

Notify the SECA when completed, to be completed annually


Other information you should know about!




Game Reports are to be completed if an incident/injury that has occured during the contest.  Click here for the incident/injury game report.


Any tournaments that require a payment must be submitted with this coversheet:  Tournament Request Form(2).doc

When submitting, please include any tournament documentation that provides information as to the payment amount and submission instructions.  You should also make out the envelope for sending purposes.


End of the Season Reports to be completed for each level in each program by respective coach.



Facilities Use Form.electronic version.doc    

Facilities Use Form.manual version.doc  


Electronic Field Trip Form.doc  


Final Roster Input Sheet