Congratulations to everyone who auditioned!

Email  or sign off on the Drama board to confirm you WILL continue with the show.   



Rehearsals: Friday 2:15-4:30 (Full Cast); Saturday 9:00-11:30 (Leads);


Monday 2:15-4:30 (Full Cast); Wednesday 1:00-5:00 (TBA)



Please bring a copy of the SIGNED club policies by Monday, November 23rd.


Narrator: Olivia Santarsiero

Narrator: Sara Weiss

Bakers Wife: Emily McCarty

The Witch: Katie McCarty

Cinderella: Claudia Gruber

Little Red Riding Hood: Rachel Calvosa

Rapunzel: Laurel Petrella

Jack’s Mother: Katie Zimmer

Cinderella’s Stepmother: Daniela Masdontai

Florinda: Erin Obermayer

Lucinda: Alisha Zaman

Cinderella’s Mother: Anna Lammle

Granny: SammyJo Stimpson

Giant: Alyssandra Macabangon


Baker: Michael Langevin

Jack: Avery Kaplan

Cinderella’s Prince: Carl Muhler

Mysterious Man: Anthony Perri

Rapunzel’s Prince: Knox Stokes

Wolf: Ray Gray

Steward: Joseph Verni

Cinderella’s Father: John Obermayer


Female Ensemble:

Kirsten Bennett

Marian Blancas

Molly Infanti

Larisa Puzyr

Danielle Prinke

Julia Ronneburger

Carrie Torbik


Male Ensemble: 

Zachary D. Bandilla

Salvatore Cardinale

Shane Garry

Sam Goto

Ethan Greenberg

Rashad Issifu

JT Stokes






Freehold High School

Dramatic Arts Club

2 Robertsville Road - Freehold, NJ 07728 - 732-431-8360


Ms. KasiAnn Sweeney, Director

Mr. Kevin Gunther, Technical Director


FHS Dramatic Arts Club Policies – Cast and Tech Crew


All policies of the FRHSD and FHS are strictly enforced.

Please refer to the Freehold High School Student/Parent handbook for details regarding these policies.


Attendance Policy

1. Students must be present for the entirety of any tech session, rehearsal or performance listed on the schedule to be included in the scene work or tech work for that day.  Please be aware that each rehearsal/tech session is character/job specific, and it is the student’s responsibility to know which rehearsal/tech sessions to attend.  Also, the Director/Tech Director may, at any point during the production process add additional rehearsal/tech sessions when necessary.


2. An absence will only be excused for the following reasons:  illness, injury, death in the family, etc., and per Director/Tech Director discretion.


3. If you are going to be absent from, tardy to, or leaving early from a session, notification is required.  The student must submit to the Director/Tech Director a parent signed “Absence Excuse Form” 48-hours prior to the absence. DO NOT ASK THAT DAY. DO NOT ASK DURING REHEARSAL. In the event of an emergency, the form must be completed within 48-hours of the absence.

  • Without notification, the student will automatically be considered “unexcused” for their absence or tardiness. 
  • Three (3) unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the production.
  • Leaving early is considered an unexcused absence, and the student will be docked time. Leaving early unexcused, three (3) times will result in dismissal.
  • Tardiness is considered an unexcused absence, and the student will be docked time. Unexcused Tardiness, three (3) times, will result in dismissal.
  • Please note: you must notify the Student Assistant Director/Student Assistant Tech Director if you must leave rehearsal or a tech crew session for any amount of time (using the rest room, etc). Failure to do so will result in an “unexcused” absence, especially if you were needed on stage. Please keep these trips short.


4. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each session. In addition, each DAC member will be assigned an ITS Officer for signing out of each session. Failure to sign out with this ITS officer will result in an unexcused absence for that entire session.


5. All rehearsal/tech session calendar information for the Drama Club and Tech Crew can be found on the Drama Club bulletin board in the cold hallway AND on the DAC website. Please check regularly for changes/additions to the schedules and listen for any special homeroom/dismissal announcements.


6. All participants (Cast & Crew) are required to attend ALL rehearsals and Tech Crew assignments during Tech Week, as well as all required performances. Please consult your schedule for these dates and keep this stipulation in mind before you accept an acting part/tech job. Any session missed during Tech Week will result in dismissal, unless a valid doctors note is provided. [Tech Week is defined per the director beginning with the full day rehearsal (Saturday unless otherwise noted) prior to the first performance.]


General Rules and Rehearsal Procedures

1. Refer to above attendance policies.

2. All Actors must bring their scripts and a pencil to every rehearsal.  Do not share scripts.

3. All Actors and Tech Crew must be in proper attire for every session:

  • Attire must comply with FRHSD handbook policy on DRESS CODE .
  • All Actors must be in proper attire for rehearsals-comfortable clothing that you can move in, sneakers or show shoes. No flip flops or any open shoes.
  • All Tech Crew must be in proper attire for building/painting- comfortable clothing that you can move in and get dirty, sneakers, or sturdy shoes.  No flip flops or any open shoes.
  • Actors and Tech Crew may change in the locker room right after the bell.

4. All Cast and Tech Crew MUST follow the instructions and safety guidelines given by the Director/Tech Director.

  • Do not use incomplete set elements.
  • Obtain assistance from another crew member when moving ladders or heavy set items.
  • If you are not familiar with the use of a tool, obtain instruction before using it. Or, if you are unclear about the assignment or need assistance to troubleshoot a situation, please consult your Director/Tech Director.
  • Do NOT operate power tools without the appropriate safety gear.

5. When you are in the wings or auditorium, keep your voice down and chit chat to a minimum.

6. NO CELL PHONES or iPODS are to be on stage at any time.  Do not text during rehearsal or performances. 

7. No eating in the auditorium.  No gum, and no food in the auditorium.  No sticky drinks in the auditorium, only water is permitted. 

8. Minor questions should be addressed to the Student Assistant Director/Student Assistant Tech Director or appropriate group leader before asking the Director/Tech Director.

9. All Actors and Tech Crew must be ready to work by the designated time.  If you are not ready, you are tardy.

10. All student belongings should be left in the seats on House Left.

11. No one is to leave until the Director/Tech Director has dismissed the group.



1. To eliminate “vending machine runs” and missing rehearsal time it is recommended that DAC members bring their own snack for afterschool.

2. As another alternative to the vending machines the DAC will have water, chips, and “baked goods” available for purchase. The ITS Treasurer will head a committee to sell these snacks during rehearsal/tech sessions. The ITS Treasurer will organize a schedule so that each DAC member is responsible for supplying these “baked goods” twice per show.



  1. Actors and Tech Crew must arrive by “call” time for Tech Week rehearsals and performances.  No exception.
  2. Do not wear valuable jewelry.
  3. Actors will be given time to get into hair, makeup, and costumes, and to check props.
  4. Tech Crew (Running Crew, Lighting Crew, Sound/Video Crew, Costumers/Dressers) must wear comfortable ALL BLACK pants & shirts (no graphics) and shoes.  House Crew (Ushers/Greeters) should dress appropriately to represent the DAC as professional to the public.
  5. All cell phones should be shut OFF and in your bag.  They WILL interfere with the sound.
  6. Before the show and during intermission, please stay in the designated cast rooms until the Director/Tech Director gives the “go ahead” to return to the stage.  Do not “hang out” in the hallways. No “visiting” with the audience.
  7. After every performance, you must check microphones and costumes, and reset all set elements and props before you are allowed to leave.
  8. After the final performance, there will be a prop and costume check in.  No one will be allowed to leave until everything you were issued is accounted for.   

Costumes, Hair and Makeup


  1. Once a costume is issued, it becomes your responsibility.  If something happens to it—a seam rips, you spill water on it, etc—please notify the Director as soon as possible. 
  2. Please practice good personal hygiene, as these costumes will not be washed.
  3. If something is damaged beyond normal wear or general repair and we are charged by the costume company, you will be held financially responsible for repair. 
  4. There must be one layer of clothing between you and your costume. 
  • For gentlemen: an undershirt and appropriate undergarments. 
  • For women: a nude body suit or tank-top and appropriate stockings/tights. 
  1. The Director may ask you to supply some elements to add to your costume.  Please give the Director advanced notice if you will not be able to locate these elements.  All items are required by the first dress rehearsal.  Additionally, each student is expected to participate in fundraising to off-set costs of their costume rental (approximatly $150 per costume per student).  Ample opportunities will be offered for the students to meet this goal.
  2. Please hang up your costume neatly after every performance.  If you need extra hangers, ask the Director.  If you fail to hang up your costume neatly, you will be required to re-iron it before you are allowed on stage for the performance.
  3. All students must bring in their own footwear, according to the suggestion of the Director.  Please avoid purchasing traditional “character shoes”, unless specified.
  4. Students will be responsible for their own hair.  The Director will suggest a style that you should attempt to re-create.  It is your responsibility to “test” it on your own hair before the Hair and Makeup test day. 
  • For ladies, please provide your own appropriately colored bobby-pins and hair pins, hair spray (aerosol cans work the best for theatre looks), and hair brushes/combs.  You may also need hair-nets, gel, rollers, curlers, fake extensions, etc, depending on style needs. 
  • For gentlemen, please bring your hair gel or hair spray and a brush or comb.
  1. Actors will be responsible for their own makeup.  The Director will suggest a look that you should attempt to re-create.  It is your responsibility to perform a “make up test” on yourself before the Hair and Makeup test day. 
  • For ladies:  sturdy make up base, cover-up, eye makeup, eye liner, mascara, eye brow pencil,  blush, lipstick, fake eyelashes, etc.   Please see the Director for suggestions on brands.
  • For gentlemen:  sturdy make up base, cover-up, eye liner, blush, eye brow pencil, chap stick, etc.
  • Stage makeup is darker and more exaggerated then everyday makeup due to the brightness of the stage lights which washes everyone out.


Tech Crew Costumers/Dressers are responsible for assisting the designated Actor(s) to meet their costume requirements especially items 6, 8, & 9 and during costume changes between scenes.

Signing the corresponding signature form [DAC-Policy Signature.doc] confirms you have received and reviewed the DAC Policies AND indicates your agreement to commit to the Dramatic Arts Club Policy and Rules in this document. Students must have a signed copy of this policy on file to participate in the Dramatic Arts Club. 





Freehold High School

Dramatic Arts Club

2 Robertsville Road - Freehold, NJ 07728 - 732-431-8360


Ms. KasiAnn Sweeney, Director

Mr. Kevin Gunther, Technical Director


FHS Dramatic Arts Club Policies – Cast and Tech Crew – Signature Form


Confirmation of receipt and review of policies – Students must have a signed copy of this policy on file to participate in the Dramatic Arts Club. 


Please initial that you read and agree to the following sections of the Policy document:


_______ Attendance Policy


_______ General Rules and Rehearsal Procedures


_______ Snacks


_______ Performances


_______ Costumes, Hair and Makeup


By signing below I understand and have discussed with my student the rules and regulations of the FHS Dramatic Arts Club.  I agree to the terms and conditions contained herein and I understand that exceptions will not be made.




_______________________________________________________________             ____________________

Signature of Student                                                                                           Print        Date




Student contact- Phone/email



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Signature of Parent                                                                                             Print        Date




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