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Monday 3/16/20:

1.  Get out the notes that I passed out on Friday or print from here.   Rock Cycle cloze notes.docx 

2.  Watch  while not laughing at my first attempt to make a video...I hope they get better!  :-)  Take notes while the video is showing. (This only covers the first part of the notes...we will do the second part on Tuesday with another video)

3.  Complete the "Rocks and Minerals, Part 1" on  for your period:

         1st period: 808816

         2nd period: 485253

         3rd Period: 610555

         4th Period: 415903

The quizizz must be completed before 9 pm on Wednesday, March 18th.  Please use your real name (first and last).  You may take this as many times as you need to in order to get the score you want.  

4.  Familiarize yourself with "Flipgrid".  We will be using this platform quite a bit starting on Tuesday.  Here is a video to show you how easy it is to use.     (no assignment today on this, just learn how to use it)


Tuesday 3/17/20:

1.  Get out the notes that we started on Monday.  

2.  Watch .  Take notes while the video is playing.  

3.  Complete the graphic organizer that was included in the notes packet (do both sides).  If you do not have one, here is the link:  

4.  Watch these two videos to reinforce the Rock Cycle:



5.  Find an interesting rock in your backyard.  We will use this tomorrow!  

6.  Make sure you watched the video about Flipgrid (see Monday for link)


Wednesday 3/18/20:

  1.     Watch this Study Jam and do the "Test Yourself" activity after you have watched the video.  

       2.   Watch this Rock Sort Activity video I made:  Before watching the video, get your rock that you found in your       yard. As you  watch the video, please observe your rock and try to figure out if your rock is metamorphic, sedimentary, or igneous by using the       characteristics described in the video.  .  

       3.  Flipgrid: What type of rock is it?  Go into Flipgrid and show us your rock (up close).  Tell us what type of rock you think it is (metamorphic,             sedimentary, or igneous) and WHY.  Can't wait to see you guys! (use your 365 address to sign in.  Let me know if you have trouble)

                  Videos are due by Friday 3/20 at 9:00 pm

                  1st period: 

                  2nd period: 

                  3rd period: 

                  4th period: 

****Reminder that the quizizz from Monday is due at 9:00 pm tonight****


Thursday 3/19/20:

 1.  View the video clip below 

  1. Complete the Practice  Code 

         1st: 197522 

         2nd: 142867 

         3rd: 703252 

         4th: 949704 

        This Quizizz is due by Friday 3/20 at 9:00 pm

      3.  Go back in to flip grid and leave AT LEAST TWO positive video comments for your classmates and their rocks. At the bottom of their video, you will see a green comment button.  It will prompt you to make another video just like before.  Please think of something nice to say, and keep it polie and clean!   I want us all to get used to doing this, as we will be utilizing this a lot in the future.  It was great seeing your faces!


Friday 3/20/2020:

Using your notes, PowerPoints, and videos (as well as the internet): Create your own illustrated version of the rock cycle on a piece of paper and share it on Flipgrid.  

 4th period 


*This is due by Monday 3/23 at 9 pm.