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Mr. Sailer's Sixth Grade Writing Class

Room 522 at the George J. Mitchell School
email: [email protected]


"Well done is better than well said."  -Ben Franklin 

Work Smart.

All you need for writing class (other than something to write with) is mentioned below.  Keep it simple.  If you have a binder, just put about 10-15 sheets of looseleaf in the writing section.  That is fine for now, and you can add more paper as needed.  Overstuffed binders tend to "pop" open at inconvenient times in awkward places; don't let it happen to you.   


Stay Organized!
Reserve a section in your binder (or notebook) for class notes.  A pocket folder is suggested to keep any writing class papers in (such as the writing workshop packet, rubrics, drafts, articles, etc.).


 Be Responsible!

 Your work needs to have a heading and neat appearance that reflects pride of ownership.  Since we use Google Classroom, please use the Times New Roman or Calibri fonts, size 14 or 16.  Avoid stress by managing your time well so you are able to hand in quality work.  Remember: Cursive is your friend while drafting by hand!


Take Creative Risks!

Organize your ideas to target your audience.  Let your "voice" be heard when you skillfully apply word choice and sentence variety.  Do this, and soon you will be crafting intriguing stories, articles, poems, essays, speeches and more...


* * *